Amiga Rules
2000 Standard Specifications

I collect Amiga technical pages that I find useful and think others can make use of. These specs have been compiled from several sources, as well as my perersonal experiences. I have left the world of the A2000 behind in favor of a much more expandable A1200. I am just waiting for the Amiga One to fully be released with Amiga OS4. As of this writing, the Amiga One hardware is out to be bought, but until I see the OS.. I will remain skeptical. I have my money in hand to buy it, but still skeptical.

If you see any of my info that is incorrect, please let me know so that I can correct it.

Main Processor:
Motorola MC68000, clocked at 7 Megahertz
Expandable to MC68060 clocked at 75 Megahertz
Numeric Coprocessor:
Expandable to 68881/68882 with CPU upgrade
Real-Time Clock:
Chip Set:
Enhanced Chip Set
Chip RAM and Agnus Revision:
1Mb Fatter Agnus
Expandable to a 2Mb Agnus
Fast RAM:
Expandable by 8Mb on Zorro II bus and 4 Gigabytes on processor bus
Floppy Drive:
Internal Chinon 880k Floppy Drive
Expandable to a maximum of 4 Floppy Drives
Expandable to 1.44Mb High Density Floppy Drives
Hard Drive:
None (normally standard)
SCSI drives, IDE drives, ZIP drives, JAZ drives, SyQuest drives (as allowable as per controller card)
Hard Drive Controller:
None (integrated)
Expandable to multiple controllers via Zorro II and processor slots
Standard Serial, Parallel, Disk Drive, and 2 Game Ports
Video Output:
Monochrome NTSC or PAL for connection to any video monitor, VCR, Camcorder, or video capture device
23 pin connector for RGB (Analog/Digital) with adapters for 9 and 15 pin standard connectors
Horizontal refresh rates from 15.6 kHz to 31.5 kHz
Vertical refresh reates from 50 Hz to 73 Hz
Audio Output:
4 channel Stereo 8 bit sound
External RCA stereo audio jacks
Expansion Slots:
One 86-pin CPU Slot for an accelerator
One toaster slot for Video Toaster
4 Zorro II slots with 24 bit address and 16 bit data bus with 14 MHz clock
2 16bit and 2 8bit PC/AT slots for bridgecard or Backplane expansion
Drive Bays:
2 3.5" and 1 5.25" external bays
Case Type:
Standard desktop case with detached keyboard
AmigaDOS Version
AmigaDOS 1.2
Expandable to AmigaDOS 1.3, 2.04, 2.1, 3.1, 3.5, or various LINUX
Motherbaord Revisions
Pre 4.x were German motherboards. Not recommended for use at all.
4.5 Last in the 4.x series
6.0 Has ROM tower for Kickstart, buggy with some expansion cards.
6.2 Removed ROM tower for Kickstart that was on 6.0 board.
6.3 Now has KS2.04 ROM, 8375 Agnus and 8373 SuperDenise as standard
6.5 Have not seen one