Amiga Rules

Programs I Recommend

AmIRC Amiga Internet Relay Chat program. Fun and much better than mIRC. Stop by DAL net and visit us on #WhiteDragon.
AMP2 Awesome MPEG video player (including sound for PowerPC Amigas.
AWeb, Get It AWeb II v3 A damn good Internet browser that supports JAVA-script.
CyberGFX, Get It CyberGFX An awesome graphics spftware package that covers multiple graphics cards.
CrossDOS Allows you to read IBM disks (which unfortunately is a necessity).
CygnusEd A very powerful and useful text editor.
Def_Icons Allows you to finally change out those awful default icons.
DeliTracker_II MOD player with lots of extras.
DiskSalv 4 Undelete/Salvage/ Unformater/Repair utility new version works with everything.
DopusII, Get It! Directory Opus Magellan Ultimate filemanager/WB Replacement w/FTP builtin, a definate must have.
DPaint Most user-friendly painting program I've found.
IBrowse, Get It IBrowse Awesome Internet Web Browser, easy to configure, works well with GFX cards.
Iconian Icon painting/creating/editing program.
ImageFX, Get It ImageFX Awesome special effects program.
MagicWB Beautiful OS-legal WB icons.
Miami, Get It Miami Deluxe TCP/IP program (simple install, lots of features, costs less) requires MUI.
MUI, Get It MUI New preference system, everything seems to need it these days.
MultiFileSystem Commodity that allows you to address all floppy file systems as DF0:/DF1:/DF2: vice PC0:/DS0.
MultiUserFileSytem *NIX environment for the Amiga (protects and provides privacy for files on your computer)
Professional File System 2 New Standard in Amiga filing system, FAST, SAFE, RELIABLE!!
SnoopDOS System checker & debugging program
STRICQ, Get It STRICQ Simply the best Amiga ICQ hack. And why is it a hack? Because ICQ doesn't see Amiga worth porting. If they won't do it for us, we will have to do it for ourselves.
term Best terminal program to date
YAM Awesome and versitile Email program (requires MUI)

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