Kuang11 Virus

I am not going to use my website as a virus posting center, but some of them need to be spread to help my fellow Amigians.

This virus is attached to file in the Kuang11 archive. Check your systems and good luck.

Kuang11Update.readme 2.34 (5.2.99) Kuang11 Update changes


All Kuang Eleven users who have received an update in the past few weeks are at

Two viruses have been released via the update server attached                  
to different versions of the library rexxkuang11.library                       
(normally placed in LIBS:), and also affecting the file C:Mount.               


The two versions of the library to be infected are shown below,                
along with some details                                                        

rexxkuang11.library 0.36 ( 4/02/99)                                            
- File size: 31,172                                                            
- Attaches itself to your C:Mount file (any version) unless SnoopDOS is running
- Performs "run >NIL: newshell TCP:2551"                                       
- Allows remote CLI (shell) access to your computer                            
- Is effective every time LoadSeg() is called (e.g. when running a program)    
- Calls itself "Vaginitis #2" by "STD"                                         
- Does NOT spread to any other files (other than C:Mount)                      

rexxkuang11.library 0.27 (27/12/98)                                            
- File size: 26,532 bytes                                                      
- Performs "RUN >NIL: newshell tcp:2333" when the library is opened            
- Allows remote CLI (shell) access to your computer                            
- Calls itself "Vaginitis #3" by "STD"                                         
- Does NOT spread to any other files                                           


You should have received version 0.37 (or later) of rexxkuang11.library        
with this update. You should verify this by typing:                            

Version LIBS:rexxkuang11.library FILE FULL                                     

You should get the response:                                                   

rexxkuang11.library 0.37 ( 5/02/99)                                            

or a later version.                                                            

 Reboot your system (if possible, do NOT go online).                          
 Replace the file C:Mount from your original disks, or some other             
  reliable source.                                                             
 Reboot AGAIN.                                                                

If you have any copies of rexxkuang11.library versions 0.27 and 0.36,          
they should be deleted, as these were never legitimately uploaded to the       
update server.                                                                 


The server at which the Amiga Coding Syndicate's updates are stored was        
hacked by an unknown, malicious person or persons. We have changed our         
passwords and have made every effort to secure our site.                       

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this has caused anyone.                  

If you wish to eliminate auto-updates from your Kuang Eleven installation,     
simply rename or delete the file Rexx/Kuang11UPD.amirx (relative to your       
AmIRC directory).