The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Bal'cri

Bal'cri spells involve the casting of spells in, and related to the element of fire. An unexplained side effect of Bal'cri spell casting is that for each fire elemental spell cast, there is a chance that the surrounding temperature will rise from the heat being summoned from the elemental plane. When casting a fire elemental spell, an Intelligence check must be made minus the spell level of the spell cast. If the check fails, the temperature in a 10 foot radius increases 10 degrees fahrenheit for 1 turn. For each successive failed Intelligence check in the same area the temperature rises an additional 10 degrees, lasts for an additional turn, or expands the radius by 10 feet for a full turn total length.

Bal'cri are very boisterous and arrogant. Many Bal'cri join the Jenzig chantries because Jenzig bear a stronger connection to the fire elemental spells than most others. The Bal'cri further like being associated with Jenzig because of the wide recognition Jenzig receive, but view themselves as superior to evena Jenzig in the number of spells available to them. Bal'cri within a Jenzig chantry see themselves as the elite Jenzig, those holding truer to the Jenzig ideals. They are quite often more dangerous than other Jenzig because they feel they have something to prove. When Jenzig "accidentally" burn down a building in a bet, it is the Bal'cri that says, "Hell, let's finish off the block too!". Bal'cri do seem to be more susceptible to becoming hyped. This can be truely a fearsome mage, but their spells do run out eventually.

Bal'cri wear clothes much like their Jenzig chantry members, but tend toward bright reds and yellows more than other colors and with the Jenzig ensignia clearly visible. Even were this not the case, only the truely blind cannot see them for what they are.

This school is most likely the most war-like shek p'var on the plate. Fire does very little in the way of building, and much more in the way of destruction. Power, blind ambition, destruction, and power (did I already say that?) drive these mages and little else. So consequently, good aligned Bal'cri are either quite rare or never make rank.

Note: Not all Bal'cri are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Bal'cri Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Bal'cri (or Jenzig) may legally know and cast by Petition 179.

1st Level

Affect Normal Fires
Aura Fire
Burning Hands
Dancing Lights
Fire Burst
Fire Truth
Heat Liquid
Nystul's Dancing Werelight
Nystul's Flash
Otiluke's Smoky Sphere

2nd Level

Agannazar's Scorcher
Banish Dazzle
Deny Fire
Fire Arrows
Flame Dagger
Flaming Sphere
Heat Solid
Nystul's Blazing Beam

3rd Level

Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown
Chill Fire
Enchanted Torch
Explosive Runes
Fire Gate
Fire Phantom
Flame Arrow
Melf's Minute Meteors
Mellix's Fire Mouth
Nystul's Expeditious Fire Extinguisher
Protection from Specific Elementals, 10' Radius

4th Level

Beltyn's Burning Blood
Enhance Fire Creature
Fire Aura
Fire Charm
Fire Shield
Fire Trap
Protection from Fire, 15' Radius
Tenser's Flaming Blade
Wall of Fire

5th Level

Conjure Elemental
Fallion's Fabulous Fireball
Fire Door
Fire Stones
Fire Track
Melt Metal
Shroud of Flame

6th Level

Fiery Servant
Flame of Justice
Following Flame
Forest's Fiery Constrictor

7th Level

Delayed Blast Fireball
Incendiary Entrapment
Malec-Keth's Flame Fist
Otiluke's Fire and Ice
Sun Stone

8th Level

Avissar's Flaming Weapon
Fire Storm
Fire Walk
Incendiary Cloud
Unleash Monolith

9th Level

Boil Blood
Elemental Aura
Estate Transference
Meteor Swarm