The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Gul'ren

Gul'ren spells involve the casting of spells in, and related to the element of water. Gul'ren consider themselves free spirits and are usually very easy going and even tempered.

Gul'ren can only imbibe natural liquids as they would be found naturally (no brewed or mixed liquid drinks). This does not include magical potions. Any non-natural non-magical liquids drank will have an intoxicating effect on a Gul'ren. The Gul'ren will be intoxicated for 1 turn/pint drank. The intoxicating effects will cause any spell casting to be done at a -3 to spell check and a -3 "to hit" penalty for the duration.

Most Gul'ren are very bubbly and good natured. Few gul'ren join the any Shek P'var schools because they feel the standard chantries fulfill their needs and don't want to be limited in their research.

Note: Not all Gul'ren are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Gul'ren Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Gul'ren may legally know and cast by Petition 179.

1st Level

Azure Hand
Conjure Water
Cool Strength
Deny Cold
Diving Rod
Gaze Reflection
Metamorphose Liquids
Otiluke's Bubbling Buoyancy
Sea Sight
Snilloc's Snowball
Wall of Fog
Water Dart
Yavari's Spoon

2nd Level

Depth Warning
Elemental Guide
Fog Cloud
Ice Knife
Insatiable Thirst
Murmuring Waters
Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
True Bearing

3rd Level

Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown
Converse with Sea Creatures
Find Water
Otiluke's Acid Cloud
Protection from Specific Elementals. 10' Radius
Protection from Water
Stone Hull
Water Breathing
Watery Double

4th Level

Elemental Form
Ice Storm
Laerel's Aqueous Column
Protection from Cold, 15' Radius
Solid Fog
Strengthen Water Creature
Wall of Ice

5th Level

Airy Water
Cone of Cold
Conjure Elemental
Jhanifer's Deliquescence
Protection from Acid
Transmute Rock to Mud
Water Blast

6th Level

Command Water Spirits
Lower Water
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Part Water
Ship of Fools
Transmute Dust to Water

7th Level

Acid Storm
Command Element
Otiluke's Fire and Ice
Water Form

8th Level

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
Create Tree of Life

9th Level

Elemental Aura
Estate Transference
Life Water