Player Character - Priests


Halea's Symbol

Queen of Pleasure and Self-fulfillment,
Enslaver of Hearts and Loins,
Unchaste Lady of the Ten Forgotten Acts,
Maker of Bargains

Halea's Symbol
Greater Power of Harn, N/NHalea's Ceremonial Robes
Portfolio:Pleasure, Hedonism, Flattery, Bargains, Lust
Requirements:WIS: 13 and CHA: 16
+5% xp bonus for 1 score 16+; +10% xp bonus for both CHA & WIS 16+
Worshipper's Alignment:Any
Races Allowed:Any
Gender Allowed:Female
Weapons Allowed:Small Bow, Club, Knife, Dagger, Lasso, Net, Mace
Armor Allowed:None
Major Spheres:All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Creation, Elemental, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Summoning, Sun, Thought
Minor Spheres:Combat, Divination, Necromantic, Travelers, Wards, Weather
Magic Items:As priests, may also use charming magic items
  • Turn undead at one level higher.

  • Arousal causing 2HD of creatures/level in a 20 foot area to fight the priestess at a -2 penalty "To Hit" (spell casters have a -2 to spell checks). Targets must see the priestess and make a saving throw (saves at -1/point of CHA over 15). A saving throw will negate this power for 1 turn. Three successful saves will make the victim immune to a particular priestess's charms until she gains a level.

  • At 3rd level, gain Detect Lie 1 time per day.

  • Can cause fear 2 times per day at 5th level.

  • Can polymorph self into a humanoid female 1 time per day at 7th level.

At 7th level priestesses of Halea begin to receive followers at a rate of 1-3 per level. The total number of followers will eventually be 3 3rd level priestesses and 6 1st level priestesses of Halea, a 3rd level mage and 2 1st level mages as advisors, and a 3rd level fighter, 2 1st level fighters as guards, and 10 worshippers.
Halea's priestesses are highly erotic and crafty. Though they appear as shallow or child-like, they easily gather information to be used in later bargains. Many people's bargains are won by giving everything to the priestess and receiving little or nothing in return.
Priestesses of Halea worship on 7th day of each month, with the 1st through the 7th days of Halane being the Banquet of Delight. Halean priestesses see all other priests as threats, but refuse to admit if they believe in other dieties.