Player Character - Priests


Ilvir's Symbol

Master of Araka-Kalai,
Brooder in the Blasted Plains,
The Serpent that Dwells Below,
Accursed Lord of the Barren Cycle,
Prince of the FatherlessMultitude,
Craven Lord of Sterile Lands

Ilvir's Symbol
Lesser Power of Harn, N/NIlvir's Ceremonial Robes
Portfolio:Individualism, Reincarnation, Change, Mutability
Requirements:WIS: 14 and INT: 12
+5% xp bonus for 1 score 16+; +10% xp bonus for both INT & WIS 16+
Worshipper's Alignment:Any
Races Allowed:Any
Gender Allowed:Either
Weapons Allowed:Any Blundgeoning (as priests)
Armor Allowed:Any
Major Spheres:All, Animal, Creation, Divination, Necromantic, Numbers, Summoning, Thought
Minor Spheres:List
Magic Items:As priests
  • Turn or command undead.

  • At 3rd level, the priest can command monsters for 1 round per level beyond 2nd level. The power works just like command except it only works on monsters. The priest can affect any number of monsters so long as their combined Hit Dice do not exceed the priests level. 1 time per day.

  • At 5th level, the priest can polymorph self into a different humanoid form 1 time per month.

  • List powers.

  • List powers.

  • List powers.

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