Player Character - Priests


Morgath's Symbol

Tormentor of the Unlamented Dead,
Master of the Principle Evil,
Wielder of the Shadow of Incarnate Evil

Morgath's Symbol
Greater Power of Harn, C/EMorgath's Ceremonial Robes
Portfolio:Chaos, Evil, Undead, Vengeance
Requirements:WIS: 15 and CON: 15
+5% xp bonus for 1 score 16+; +10% xp bonus for both CON & WIS 16+
Worshipper's Alignment:Any Evil
Races Allowed:Any
Gender Allowed:Either
Weapons Allowed:Any plus Daggers
Armor Allowed:Chain and Shield (max)
Major Spheres:All, Animal, Astral, Charm, Chaos, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Time
Minor Spheres:Divination, Elemental, Protection, Sun, Thought
Magic Items:As priests
  • Command undead at two levels higher.

  • Inspire fear (-4 on saving throws) 3 times per day.

  • Immune to the effects of all wizard necromancy spells.

  • At 3rd level can shape change into a raven, snake, or rat 3 times per day.

  • At 5th level may animate dead 2 times per day.

When the priest attains 9th level they begin to gain adherants. The priest gains 1-3 followers until they have the following: 1 3rd level Morgathian priest, 2 1st level Morgathian priests, and 1 5th level fighter, 3 3rd level fighters, 6 1st level fighters as guards, and 1 3rd level thief and 2 1st level thieves as followers.
Morgathian priests are quite possibly the fundamental reason why undead exist today. They are very adept in the ways of undead, and in making them do their bidding. Wrong doings against the priesthood never go unpunished, and always set a grizzly example for others who might think of crossing them.
Morgathian priests have worship every 13th and 26th. The 1st through the 13th of Morgat are the Feast of Bukrai, a major feastival.