Player Character - Priests


Halea's Female Symbol

The Restorer,
Bringer of Life Renewed,
Maker of Balms,
Lady of Truth,
Confidant of Lovers,
Guardian of the Meek

Halea's Male Symbol
Greater Power of Harn, N/GPeoni's Ceremonial Robes
Portfolio:Healing, Marriage, Mercy, Forgiveness, Curative Magics
Requirements:WIS: 10 and INT: 10
+5% xp bonus for 1 score 16+; +10% xp bonus for both INT & WIS 16+
Worshipper's Alignment:Any non-Evil
Races Allowed:Any
Gender Allowed:Either
Weapons Allowed:Lasso, Mancatcher, Net, Quarterstaff, Mace, Morningstar
Armor Allowed:Chainmail (max) and no shield
Major Spheres:All, Astral, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Thought, Travellers, Wards
Minor Spheres:Animal, Combat, Plant, Protection, Sun
Magic Items:As priests
  • Turn undead.

  • Immune to disease, further with a touch can confer this immunity to 1 creature per week for a duration of 1 day per level.

  • Receives a +4 on saves versus poison.

  • Receives a +2 hit points per die bonus to all healing spells even if the total is greater than the spell allows.

  • At 7th level, the priest can raise the dead 1 time per week.

Upon reaching 8th level, the priest gains 29 followers, 1-3 per level as follows: 1 3rd level priest and 6 1st level priests of Peoni and 20 worshippers.
Priests of Peoni must render aid to any creature that asks for help. Depending on the alignment of the priest, this is open to some interpretation. Priests may ask for monetary compensation for services rendered, but any money received is a donation for the church and healing cannot be denied regardless. All Peoni priests are forgiving and most are celibate and vegetarians.
The days of worship fall on the 4th, 12th, 20th, and the 28th of each month, with the 4th of Peonu being the Restoration Festival and the 14th through the 17th days of each month being the Purification Raitual. In worshipping Peoni, the followers are taught to help all, even if they are mislead (in the religious sense).