Player Character - Priests

Save K'nor

Save K'nor's Symbol

Lord of Puzzles, Conundrums, and Mazes,
Sage of the Gods,
Lord of Jesters,
Mixer of Potions,
Knower of Many Things,
Keeper of Var-Hyvrak,
The Lost Guide

Save K'nor's Symbol
Greater Power of Harn, L/NSave K'nor's Ceremonial Robes
Portfolio:Guidance, Knowledge, Education, Legends, Information
Requirements:WIS: 12 and INT: 15
+5% xp bonus for 1 score 16+; +10% xp bonus for both INT & WIS 16+
Worshipper's Alignment:Any non-Evil
Races Allowed:Any
Gender Allowed:Either
Weapons Allowed:Bludgeoning as priests
Armor Allowed:Fairly bulky armors or less and no shield
Major Spheres:All, Divination, Guardian, Law, Numbers, Protection, Sun, Thought, Time, Travellers
Minor Spheres:Astral, Healing, Necromantic, Plants, Wards, Weather
Magic Items:As priests
  • Turn undead.

  • Know runes, by INT check. If the first check succeeds, the priest knows the type of person that made the rune. If the second check succeeds the priest knows the general meaning of the rune.

  • At 3rd level, the priest gains the ability to prophesize. A priest may concentrate for 1 turn in an attempt to gain an insight (the DM will roll a WIS check, with any applicable modifiers). Prophecies may also be granted by dreams at the DM's discretion.

  • At 5th level, knows a forgery (with a WIS check, with any applicable modifiers).

  • At 7th level, the priest can cast legend lore 2 times per week.

At 9th level the priest will begin to attract 1-3 followers per level until they gain 1 5th level priest, 3 3rd level priests, and 6 1st level priests of Save-K'nor, a 5th level fighter, and 5 2nd level fighters.
Priests of Save-K'nor are gatherers and disseminators of knowledge. All information is not required to be given freely or at all. Some things are not meant to be known by the masses, but luckily such knowledge is usually only known by the high priests. These priests are also adept guides on the plateau, due to their studies in maps and logs of others journeys.
The days of worship fall on the 6th day of each month, with the 6th of Savor being the Saint's Mass. Priest's of this mythos do not require its followers to denounce the existance of other dieties.