Player Character - Psionicists

In New Melderyn, better than 90% of all psionicists belong to the Savoryan chantry. This shek p'var embraces all aspects of knowledge gathering whether it be psionic, spell, or divine in origin. Since the golden age of the mind's mastery, these shek p'var have congregated within the shrouded halls of mysticism and paid homage to Save K'nor. Some surmise that perhaps the savoryans themselves unlocked the secret of harnessing this personal energy, but no outside evidence exists.

Savoryans have noted that the general populous has stopped breeding Psychoporters. This is an oddity that plagues these shek p'var to their very core, but no explanation has yet to be discovered. The only speculations are so utterly preposterous that they done not merit being repeated. So consequenly, Psychoporters are in great demand and often viewed as the aristocracy of psionic Savoryans.

Certain psionic abilities seem to appear in the wild talented commoners, while others do not. This does not mean that no common wild talent will possess one of these rare abilities. Unknown to the public in general, the Savoryans keep a role of who possess what mental disciplines. This census is not always 100% correct or up to date, but potentially dangerous abilities are more readily tracked than passive ones.

Keep in mind that psionics are not as limited by range as normal spells are. Shenavas are known to be able to read peoples minds anywhere on the plate. Only other Savoryans, special items, or places block this. This is not to say "your mind is being read all the time", but rather "if you draw undue attention to yourself without protection, you could give yourself away". Information gleaned from an individual by a reputable shenava is admissible in court.

Despite the population at large being latently psionic, the number of psionic Savoryans is relatively small. Most opt to pursue their mind's potential to the exclusion of all else, but on the other hand nearly anyone from any walk of life may be a psionic Savoryan as well. Clairsentient/Savoryan/Priests of Save K'nor are deemed as close to all-knowing as a mortal can become and are usually financially set for life.

The primary discipline makes each psionic Savoryans' personality vary greatly. Just as other shek p'var can create their own magic spells, so can these masters. This is not widely known, and normally only masters attempt this.