World of Feägurth
Character Background Creation Page

We all draw a blank from time to time, I wrote this page to help in this process. These are by no means the only possibilities, but instead some choices to help you, the player, fill in the holes in your character creation.

Player Info

Player's Name:
Email Address:
IRC Nick:

Character Info

Character's Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Order
Number of Siblings


Race Notes:

Homeland Notes:
Friends of note:
Enemies of note:

Family Info

Father's name:
Mother's name:
Father alive?
Mother alive?
Where is father from?
Where is mother from?
What is father's social standing?
What is mother's social standing?
Where do your parents live?
Are your parents still together?
Is your family influential?
How many brothers?
How many sisters?
Brothers/Sisters names:
Brothers/Sisters live at home?
Do you have a family home?
Are you welcome at home?
Are you happy at home?
Brief description of family home life:
Is your homeland structured?
Brief description of homeland society:
How does your family fit in?
Does your family have a place in society?
Does your want to have a place in society?
Does your family aspire greatness?
Does your family have plans for you?

Adventuring Info

Why adventuring?
Why join this party?
Did family approve?
Did they know?
Does society approve?
Does society know?
How did you get here?

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