Priest of Siem

Personal Information
Name: Cooper Player: Jerry DelmoreVersion: 7.3
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'10"Weight: 180 lbs
Class: Ranger/Druid Age: 23 Alignment: Neutral Good
XP: 42,400/42,401 Level: 6/7 Next Level: 75,000/60,000
Kit: None
Ability Scores
Str:16Stamina:16Weight Allowance: 70 lbsBend Bars/Lift Gates: 10%
Muscle:16Attack Adj.: +0Damage Adj.: +1Max. Press: 195 lbsOpen Doors: 9
Dex:13Aim:11Missile Adjustment: +0Pick Pockets: -5%Open Locks: +0%
Balance:15Reaction Adjustment: +0Armor Class: -1Move Silently: +0%Climb Walls: +0%
Con:13Health:11System Shock: 75%Poison Save: +0
Fitness:15Hit Point Adjustment: +1Resurrection Chance: 94%
Int:14Reason:12Max. Spell Level: 6thMax. Spells Per Level: 7Illusion Immunity: None
Knowledge:16Bonus Proficiencies: 5Chance to Learn New Spell: 70%
Wis:17Intuition:16Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Willpower:18Magic Defense Adjustment: +4Spell Immunity: None
Cha:15Leadership:17Loyalty Base: +6Maximum Number of Henchmen: 10
Appearance:13Initial Reaction Adjustment: +1

Hit Points: 50
Base THAC0: 15
Melee THAC0: 15
Missile THAC0: 15
Natural armor class 10
Bracers of Defense AC 2 -8
Ring of Protection +4 AC, +2 ST magic adj. -4
Balance Defensive adj. -1
Weapon Proficiencies
Axe, hand/throwing
Composite short bow
Crossbow, light
Sword, short
Sword, two-handed (Specialist)
Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Animal Handling 12
Animal Lore 10
Animal Training 10
Etiquette (free) 0
Hunting 10
Musical Instrument 11
Reading/Writing (free) 0
Religion 9
Riding, Land 14
Spellcraft 7
Survival 11
Swimming 12
Tracking 19
Native Languages
Elf, Melderynese, Zun
Weapons - Primary and Offhand
WeaponMeleeMissileRoundFactorSm-MedLargeTypeSize PB / S / M / L /EX
Sword, short +4 Defender 11101d6+51d8+5PS
Axe, hand/throwing 1515141d6+11d4+1SM246
Composite short bow 1526PM
Composite short bow, flight arrow1d61d6PS102036
Crossbow, light 1517PM
Crossbow, light quarrel 1d6+11d8+1PS122436
Sword, short +2 Giant Slayer 13111d6+31d8+3PS
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 5 Poison: 5 Death Magic: 5 Petrification: 8 Polymorph: 8
Rod: 9 Staff: 9 Wand: 9 Breath Weapon: 11 Spell: 10

Spell Points
ClassMax. Spell
Level Castable
Spell Points
Bonus Savoryan
Spell Points
Wizard Chance to Learn New Spell: 85%

Cleric Spell Failure Rate: 0%
Ranger Spells Granted
Spell Time Range Area of Effect Components
Druid Spells Granted
SpellTimeRangeArea of EffectComponents
1st Level
Allergy Field410 yds/levelCube, 5-ft/levelV, S, M
Analyze Balance1 rd80 yds1 creature, object, or 10' sqV, S, M
Analyze Opponent410 yds/level1 creature/levelS, M
Animal Animosity1 rd10 yds/level1 creatureV, S
Animal Companion1 turn1-mi. radius1 creatureV, S, M
Animal Friendship1 hr10 yds1 animalV, S, M
Animal Sanctuary3TouchAnimal touchedV, S, M
Animate Weapon4TouchWeapon touchedV, S, M
Aranen's Divinial Armor5Touch1 or more warriorsV, S, M
Arboreal Scamper4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Assess Value4Touch1 objectV, S
Astral Celerity40The casterV, S
Beast Tattoo1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Beastmask4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Beckon41-mi. radius1 creatureV, M
Beneficence5Touch10-ft/level radiusV
Bless1 rd60 yds50-ft cubeV, S, M
Call Animal or Bird1 round0120 ydsV, S, M
Calm Animals460 ydsSpecialV, S
Cause Light Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Ceremony1 hrTouch1 creature, one item, or areaV, S, M
Ceremony (Druid)1 hrTouch1 creature, item, or areaV, S, M
Claws of Thard Harr4Touch1 dwarfV, S, M
Cleanse10The casterV, S, M
Combine*1 rdTouchCircle of priestsV, S
Create Water1 rd30 ydsUp to 27 cubic ftV, S, M
Cure Light Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Curse1 rd60 yds50-ft cubeV, S, M
Dark Path1 rdTouchSpecialV, S, M
Darkness4120 yds20-ft radius globeV, S
Deafening Clang4Touch1 metal itemV, S, M
Deflection1 rd120 yds1 creatureV, S
Destroy Water1 rd30 ydsUp to 27 cubic ftV, S, M
Detect Balance160 yds1 object or creature per rdV, S, M
Detect Disease1 rd10 yds1 creature or object/levelV, S, M
Detect Drow1 rd010 ft x 30 ydsV, S, M
Detect Dwarves1 rd010 ft x 90 ftV, S, M
Detect Evil1 rd010 ft x 120 ydsV, S, M
Detect Good1 rd010 ft x 120 ydsV, S, M
Detect Harmful Gas1 rd060-ft diameter sphereV, S, M
Detect Harmony1 turn010-ft/level cube or 1 individualV, S, M
Detect Magic1 rd010 ft x 30 ydsV, S, M
Detect Metals and Minerals1 rd010-ft x 120-ft pathV, S, M
Detect Metals and Minerals 1 round010' X 120' pathV, S, M
Detect Poison40SpecialV, S, M
Detect Predator1060-ft radiusV, M
Detect Snares & Pits4010 x 40 ftV, S, M
Detect Untruth130 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Detect Weapons1 rd0Path, 10 ft x 90 ftV, S, M
Discern Elven Influence1 rd100 yds10-yd radius/levelV, S, M
Dispel Darkness120 ydsSphere, up to 30-ft radiusV, M
Divine Bloodline4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Divine Romantic Interest1 rdTouchCreature touchedS
Divining Rod1 rd60 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Dwarven Zeal45 yards/levelOne dwarf/levelV, S, M
Elemental Bonding1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Empathy1 rd010-ft wide path, 30 ft longV, S, M
Endure Cold/Endure Heat1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S
Entangle480 yds40-ft cubeV, S, M
Faerie Fire480 yds10 sq ft/lvl within a 40-ft radiusV, M
Find Drinkable Water1 rd90 milesThe casterV, S, M
Find Sustenance1 rd0The casterV, S
Find Water4010-ft wide, 90-ft long pathV, S, M
Firelight4Touch1 objectV, S, M
Foresight4200 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Frost Fingers30The casterV, S
Handfire40The caster's handV, S
Heal Plants4010-ft/level square or 1 creatureV, S, M
Hunt Nemesis1-4 daysTouchSpecialV, S, M
Invisibility to Animals4Touch1 creature/lvlS, M
Know Bloodline230 yds1 individualV, S, M
Know Faction120 ydsSpecialV, S
Know History1 rdSpecial1 creature or objectV, S, M
Leaf into Dagger4TouchLeaf touchedV, S, M
Light4120 yds20-ft radius globeV, S
Locate Animals or Plants1 rd100 yds + 20 yds/lvl20 yds/lvl x 20 ftV, S, M
Log of Everburning1TouchSpecialV, S
Magic Creeper1 rdTouchVine up to 20-ft longV, S, M
Magical Stone4Touch3 pebblesV, S, M
Magical Tether45 yds/level1 object or living beingV, S
Measure Cinnabryl210 ft1 item of cinnabrylV, S, M
Mistake40The casterV, S, M
Moonbeam (Cerilia)210 yds/level1 creature/3 levelsV, S, M
Motes of Moonlight4010 ft/levelV, S
Natural Fortitude4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Nectar1TouchFlower or blossom touchedV, S
Om10The casterV
Omen1 turn0SpecialV
Orison410 ydsVariesV, S
Pass Without Trace1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Petrify Wood1TouchWeapon(s) touchedV, S, M
Portent1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Precipitation410 yds/level30-ft cylinder up to 60 ft highV, S, M
Predict Weather1 rd09 sq mi.V, S, M
Pressure Resistance4TouchCreature touchedS, M
Protection From Evil4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Protection From Good4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Protection From Prime4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Silver3TouchCreature touchedS, M
Puffball4Touch1 mushroom, and so onV, S, M
Purify Food & Drink1 rd30 yds1 cubic ft/lvl, in 10 sq ftV, S
Purify Self40The casterV, S, M
Putrefy Food and Drink1 rd30 yds1 cubic ft/lvl, in 10 sq ftV, S
Rainshield102-ft radiusV, S
Read Language1 rd0The casterV, S
Recover Trail4 + specialSpecialSpecialV, S
Reed Staff4Touch1 blade of grassV, M
Regenerate Light Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Resist1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Revitalize Animal4Touch1 animalV, S
Ring of Hands*50SpecialV, S
Ring of Woe*50SpecialV, S
Ripen45 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Rosemantle4Touch1 living creatureV, S
Sanctify Ghi8 hrsTouch2 ounces/levelV, S, M
Sanctuary4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Sap410 yds10-ft x 10-ft areaV, S, M
Scribe1 rdTouchCreates 1 copyV, S, M
Seeking Mote530 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Segojan's Armor1 rdTouchCreates 1 suit of armorV, S, M
Shillelagh2Touch1 oak clubV, S, M
Silverbeard40The casterV, S, M
Sixth Sense1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Snake Skin70The casterV, S, M
Spark of Blinding1 rd15 yds10-ft radiusV, S, M
Speak With Astral Traveler1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S
Speak With Avians401 avian within 30 ftV, S
Speak With Birds401 avian within a 30-ft radiusV, S
Spectral Senses430 yds/levelThe casterV, S, M
Spidereyes1SpecialSpecialV, S
Spirit Mask40The casterV, S, M
Spittle110 yds1 creatureS
Steelskin4TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Strength of Stone4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Stumble420 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Sunscorch440 yds1 creatureV, S
Surface Sojourn1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Test of Maat1 rd0SpecialV, S, M
Totemic ImageSpecial0SpecialV, S, M
Trance1 rd0120-ft radiusV, S
Treasure Scent4020-ft radiusV
Truemetal410 ydsA 30-ft radius, 90-degree arc in the direction the caster is facingS
Wailing Wind1 rd5 yds/levelCube, 10 ft/levelV
Warning Shout10-mi radiusV, S
Water Sprint40The casterV, S
Waterfloat110 yds/level10-ft cubeV, S, M
Weapon Bless1 turnTouch1 weaponV, S, M
Weathertell3 rds0SpecialV, S, M
Whisperward1 turn0SpecialV, S, M
Wind Column10The casterS
2nd Level
Acorn Barrage510 yds1 acorn/levelV, S, M
Alicorn Lance50The casterV, S, M
Animal Eyes501 creatureV, S, M
Animal Speech510 yds/level1 animalV, S, M
Animal Spy510 yds1 animalV, S
Animal Spy (Shaman)1 rd01 creatureS
Arm Hammers60The casterV, S, M
Astral Awareness50The casterV, S
Augury2 rds0SpecialV, S, M
Badberry1 rdTouch2d4 fresh berriesV, S, M
Bane of Beshaba5TouchLiving creature touchedV, S, M
Banish Blight5Touch1 plantV, S
Barkskin5Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Bat Sense4TouchIndividual touchedV, S, M
Battle Song560 yds50-ft cubeV, S
Beast Claw50The casterV, S
Beastspite510 yds1 personV, S
Blessing of Vhaeraun5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Body Blades50The casterV, S, M
Bone Bite55 yds/level1 bone or fragmentV, S, M
Boneiron1 turnTouchWeapon(s) touchedV, S, M
Bonewood1TouchWeapon(s) touchedV, S, M
Brightmantle5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Call Animal1 rd1 mi.1 mileV, S, M
Camouflage520 ft radius1 person/levelS, M
Cause Moderate Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Chant2 rds030-ft radiusV, S
Charm Person or Mammal580 yds1 person or mammalV, S
Chill Metal540 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Chilling Scythe501 scytheV, S, M
Command Another's Pet110 yds1 animalV, S, M
Commune With Lesser Spirit1 turn10 ftSpecialV, S, M
Contact Home Power1 turnUnlimitedThe casterV, S, M
Create Mirage560 yds + 10 yds/levelCube, 10-ft/levelV, S, M
Cure Moderate Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Cure Scurvy5Touch1 creature/levelV, S, M
Darkfire of Beshaba50Touch or 1 creature within 15 ftV, S, M
Death Candle1 rdSpecial1 creatureV, S, M
Death Prayer1 turnTouch1 corpseV, S, M
Death Talisman1 rdTouch1 objectV, S, M
Detect Charm1 rd30 yds1 creature/rdV, S
Detect Enemies1 rd0Path, 10 ft x 60 ftV, M
Detect Life1 rd10 ft/level1 creatureV, S, M
Detect Powers1 rd240 yds1 crystal shellV, S, M
Disentangle580 yds1 creatureV
Dream Sight1 rdSpecialCasterS, M
Druid Sight3 rds150 yds1 animalV, S, M
Dust Devil2 rds30 yds5 x 4 ft coneV, S
Ecdysis5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Edge of Arumdina5Touch1 edged weaponV, S
Eilistraee's Moonfire1 rdSpecialUp to 1 cu ft/levelV, S
Eldath's Tranquility5015-ft radiusV, S, M
Enhance Turning5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Ethereal Barrier1 turn120 ydsTwo 10-ft sqs/lvlV, S, M
Faith Arrow1 rdTouch1 arrow/3 levelsV, S, M
Fangs of Retribution530 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Favor of Tymora5Touch1 living creatureV, S
Favor of the Goddess5TouchTwo plants, vegetables, or pieces of fruit/levelV, S
Find Traps5010 ft x 30 ydsV, S
Fire Trap1 turnTouchObject touchedV, S, M
Firebreak510 yds/level800 square ft/levelV, S, M
Fist of Faith510 yds1 beingV, S
Flame Blade403-ft long bladeV, S, M
Fortifying Stew5Touch1 bowl of stew, etc/levelV, S, M
Frost Breath50Beam, 5 ft diameter x 20 ft longV, S, M
Frost Whip50Flexible 6-ft-long beam 4 inches in diameterV, S
Gift of Speech510 yds/level1 animalV, S, M
Gloom4Touch20-ft radiusV, S, M
Glyph of Revealing50120-ft-diameter sphereV, S, M
Goodberry1 rdTouch2d4 fresh berriesV, S, M
Grass Dart501d6 + 1 blades of grass within 10 ftV, S, M
Haela's Battle Blessing2TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Handfang50The caster's palmV, S
Hear Heartbeat1 rd010 ft/level radiusV, S, M
Heat Metal540 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Horns of Hathor60The casterV, S, M
Hurl Rock110 yds/level1 rock (see below)V, S, M
Impenetrable Falsehood5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Infrainvisible2TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Inscribe Speech53 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Jaws of the Wolf530 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Karma Sight210 yds1 creature/levelV, S
Keen Eye5TouchThe casterV, S, M
Know Alignment1 rd10 yds1 creature or objectV, S
Know Language1 rd0The casterV, S
Know Motivation1 rd010-ft wide path, 30 ft longV, S, M
Locate Animal Follower560 yds + 10 yds/lvl1 animal followerV, S, M
Love Bite510 yds/levelSpecialV, S
Loviatar's Caress510 yds/levelSpecialV, S
Mace of Xvim50Creates 1 maceV, S, M
Manythorns50The casterV, S, M
Mark of Brotherhood1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Marthammor's Intuition1 turn01-mi. radiusV, S, M
Message Mote530 ydsCloud up to 1 cu ftV, S
Messenger1 rd20 yds/lvl1 creatureV, S
Mindtouch1 rd5 yds/level (90 yds max.)1 creatureV, S, M
Moon Shield50The casterV, S, M
Moondance*8 hrs0Participating priestesses of EilistraeeV, S, M
Natural Attunement5TouchLiving creature touchedV, S, M
Nurture1 turnTouchInfant creature touchedV, S, M
Obscure Alignment1 rd10 yds1 creature or objectV, S
Obscurement50(lvl x 10)-ft sqV, S
Omen (Old Empire)5SpecialSpecialV, S, M
Omen I1 turn0The casterV, S
Plant Renewal5TouchPlant touchedV, S, M
Poison Touch501 creatureV, S
Priest Lock4Touch1 portal up to 12 sq ft/levelV, S
Produce Flame50SpecialV, S
Protection From Aging5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Animals6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Charm5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Orisons1 rdTouchCreature or object touchedV, S
Protection From Serpents1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Spirits1 rdTouch5-ft radiusV, S, M
Resist Acid and Corrosion5TouchCreature touchedV, S
Resist Fire/Resist Cold5Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Ripen Plant5Touch1 plantV, S
Rockburst510 yds/level1 cu ft/levelV, S
Rosetouch5TouchObject touchedV, S
Rosewater5TouchA body of liquid no larger in volume than the caster's headV, S, M
Sanctify*1 turn10 yds10 yd x 10 yd sq/priestV, S, M
Scent of Vengeance1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Seeking2100 yds1 missile/3 levels of the caster, up to maximum of fiveV, S
Sense Spirit1 rd10 yds/level1 entityV, S, M
Shark Charm 530 yds30-ft cubeV, S
Sharpleaf55 yds3 leaves/levelV, S, M
Sheela's Entangle 580 yds40-ft cubeV, S, M
Slow Poison1Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Slow Poison (Shukenja)1TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Snake Charm130 yds30-ft cubeV, S
Snake Summoning1 rd120 yds120-ft radiusV, S, M
Soften Earth and Stone510 yds/lvl10-ft sq/lvlV, S, M
Speak With Animals501 animal within 30 ftV, S
Speak With Sea Creatures501 animal within 30 ftV, S
Speeding Trident530 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Spiritual Hammer510 yds/lvlSpecialV, S, M
Stalk5TouchCreature touchedV, M
Steep Soma-Juice8 hrsTouch2 ounces/levelV, S, M
Stormvoice5SpecialSpecialV, S
Straighten Wood510 yds/lvlSpecialV, S
Touchsickle50The casterV, S
Tracking1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Translate1 rd01 text or scrollV, S, M
Trip5Touch1 object up to 10 ft longV, S
Tumblethorns530 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Understand Curse1 turn10 ft1 creature or objectV, S
Undetectable Charm1 rd30 yds1 creature/rdV, S
Warning2Touch10-ft radius around creature touchedV, S, M
Warp Sense5Touch60-ft pathV, S
Warp Wood510 yds/lvlSpecialV, S
Watery Fist560 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Weapon Shift5Touch1 weaponV, S, M
Whip of Flame50SpecialV, S, M
Whisperleaf5Touch1 oak branchV, S, M
Wild Deer Speed50The casterV, S, M
Wind Lash55 yds/level1 beingV, S
Withdraw50The casterV, S
Wolfjaws50The caster's right handV, S, M
Wood Sword55 yds/levelSpecialV, S, M
3rd Level
Abbathor's Greed6010-ft path, 10 ft/levelV, S
Air Breathing6Touch1 creatureV, S
Analyze Contraption6Touch1 contraptionV, S, M
Animal Trick630 yds1 animalV, S
Archer's Redoubt60SpecialV, S, M
Armor of Darkness6TouchCreature touchedV, S
Astaroth's Augmentation1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Astral Window35 yds10' x 10' areaV, S
Bestow Curse6TouchSpecialV, S
Bestow Minor Curse4TouchCreature touchedV, S
Bird of Prey660 yds + 10 yds/level1 creatureV, S
Blackhand660 yds1 creature/roundS, M
Blacklight610 yds/level20-ft radiusV, S, M
Bladedance6Touch1 bladed weaponV, S, M
Boon of Fortune6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Call Follower6010 mi. radius/levelV, S
Call Lightning1 turn360 yds10-ft radiusV, S
Call Pack1 rd1 mi.SpecialV, S, M
Call Spirit1 turn10 ft1 dead human or demihumanV, M
Castigate360 yards20-ft radiusV, S, M
Chant of Fangs60SpecialV, S, M
Charm of Isis1 hrTouch1 charm of 25 gp or greater valueV, S, M
Chatterbark1 turnTouch1 treeV, S
Chill650 yds + 10 yds/levelSpecialV, S, M
Circle of Secrets3SpecialSpecialV, S
Cleanse Hearth1 turnSpecialSpecialV, S, M
Cloudburst610 yds/level30-ft diameter cylinder, up to 60 ft highV, S, M
Conceal Item1Touch1 itemV, S, M
Conjure Lesser Elemental3 rds30 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Continual Darkness6120 yds60-ft radiusV, S
Continual Faerie Fire6120 yds12 sq ft/level, within a 70-ft radiusV, M
Continual Light6120 yds60-ft radiusV, S
Continual Shadow6120 yds60-ft-radius globeV, S
Control Animal660 yds + 10 yds/lvl1 animalV, S
Converse with Sea Creatures3010-yd radius/levelV, S, M
Crown of Radiance3TouchCreature touchedV, S
Depress Resistance660 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Detect Ambush550 yds + 10 yds/levelSpecialV, S, M
Detect Curse610 yds1 object or being/rdV, S
Detect Curse (Shukenja)1 rd0Path, 10 wide x 30 ft longV, S, M
Detect Cursed Item1 rdTouch1 item or personV, S
Detect Illusion60The casterV, S
Detect Spirits6010 x 60 ft pathV, S, M
Determine Final Rest610 yds1 creature or 1 corpseV, S
Dismiss Undead20Cone, 60 ft long, 20 ft diameterV, S, M
Dispel Magic660 yds30-ft cube or 1 itemV, S
Dispel Silence6010-ft/level radiusS, M
Divination (Shukenja)1 turn0SpecialV, S, M
Divine Purpose1 rd0The casterS, M
Dream Vision1 turnTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Druid's Decay630 yds1 dead creature or 10 cu ft of dead plant materialV, S, M
Ease Labor6Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Embattlement6TouchCreature touchedV, S
Everfull Quiver4Touch1 quiver and two arrowsV, S, M
Exaltation1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Extradimensional Detection30One 10'-wide path, 60 ft longV, S
Eyes of Fire630 yds + 10 yds/level1 creatureV, S
Favor of Ilmater610 yds/level1 creatureV, S
Favor of Yathaghera6Touch1 equineV, S, M
Find Portal1 rd010-ft wide x 30-ft long pathV, S
Flame Walk5TouchCreature(s) touchedV, S, M
Fostered Protection5Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Frenzy of the Celts630 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Gembomb6Touch1 gem per 5 levelsV, S, M
Giant Spider2 per arachnid20 yds1 arachnid/levelV, S, M
Glow530 yds1 creatureV, M
Glowglory3Touch1 glowstone or 1 sq ft/level of normal stoneV, S, M
Greenwood610 yds/level9 cu ft + 1 cu ft/levelV, S, M
Haunting Notes1 rdSpecial1 creatureV, S, M
Haunting Visions630 yds1 beingV, S, M
Heat Exhaustion450 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Hold Animal680 yds1-4 animals in 40-ft cubeV, S
Hold Poison1TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Hold Undead310 yds/levelUp to 4 undead creatures in a 20-ft cubeV, S, M
Holy Flail6Touch1 nonbladed weapon or the caster's holy symbolV, S, M
Home Port1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Humansize6Touch1 halflingV, S
Ice Spikes60The caster's fistV, S, M
Inkjet10The casterV, S, M
Insect Ward1 turn0SpecialV, S, M
Invisibility to Animals, 10' Radius5Touch20-ft diameter sphereS, M
Knight's Move60The casterV, S, M
Laughing Water1 rdTouchSpecialV, S, M
Line of Destruction*1 rd030-yd lineV, S, M
Line of Protection*1 rd030-yd lineV, S, M
Lion's Claws1j0The casterV, S, M
Listening Shadow61 mi./level60-ft radius sphereV, S
Locate Object1 turn60 yds + 10 yds/lvl1 objectV, S, M
Mace of Odo1 rd0Creates 1 maceV, S, M
Magical Vestment1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Magical Vestment (Shukenja)1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Maintain1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Marthammor's Thunderbolts640 yds + 10 yds/levelSpecialV, M
Meld Into Stone60The casterV, S, M
Mental Prowess1020-ft/level radiusV, S
Merciful Touch6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Mirror Vestments60The casterV, S
Mold Touch6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Moon Blade60The casterV, S
Nature's Eyes1 rd030-ft radius/levelV, S, M
Negative Plane Protection1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S
Oath1 rd10 ft1 creatureV, S, M
Obscure Object1 turn60 yds + 10 yds/lvl1 objectV, S, M
Oxen Strength60The casterV, S, M
Pass Without Trace, 10' Radius1 rd010-ft radiusV, S, M
Plant Growth1 rd160 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Polymorph Plant6TouchPlant touchedV, S, M
Possess Animal1 rd10 yds1 animalV, S, M
Prayer6060-ft radiusV, S, M
Probe Enemies1 rd10 yds/levelSpecialV, S
Protection From Amorphs6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Earth6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Fire6Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Protection From Insects6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Protection From Winds6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Pyrotechnics6160 yds10 or 100 x fireV, S, M
Ranike Cloud310 ydsCloud, 40 x 20 x 20 ftV, S, M
Remove Curse6TouchSpecialV, S
Remove Paralysis610 yds/lvl1d4 creatures in 20-ft cubeV, S
Remove Paralysis (Shukenja)610 yds/lvl1d4 creatures in 20-ft cubeV, S
Renewed Youth610 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Repair Injury1 turnTouchCreature touchedV, S
Resist Injury1 turn0The casterM
Reverse Fossilization1TouchWeapon(s) touchedV, S, M
Revive Spirit1 turn10 yds1 spiritV, S, M
Ruby Axe6TouchHand axe or battle axe touchedV, S, M
Shadow Sword60SpecialV, S, M
Shadowcloak6Touch10-ft-radius amorphous cloudV, S
Shape Wood1 rdTouch9 cu ft +1 cu ft/levelV, S, M
Shevarash's Infravision1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Shift Glyph65 yds/level1 magical glyph, rune, symbol, or inscriptionV, S
Slow Boon60The caster or one touched recipientV, S, M
Slow Rot1 rdTouchSpecialV, S, M
Snapdragon680 yds20 ft radiusV, S, M
Snare3 rdsTouch2-ft diameter + 2 inches/lvlV, S, M
Sparkling Sword1 rd or 1 rd/level0Caster's melee weaponV, S, M
Speak With Dead1 turn11 creatureV, S, M
Speak With Dead (Shukenja)1 turn1 yd1 creatureV, S, M
Speak With the Drowned Dead6SpecialSpecialV, S
Speed Rot6TouchSpecialV, S, M
Spell Shield (of Mystra)6TouchCreature touchedV, S
Spike Growth660 yds10-ft sq/lvlV, S, M
Spirit Animal Form1 hrTouchPerson touchedV, S
Splinter Wood660 yds1 wooden itemV, S, M
Sprite Venom5Touch1 arrow/levelV, S, M
Starshine610 yds/lvl10-ft sq/lvlV, S, M
Stone Shape1 rdTouch9 cubic ft + 1 cubic ft/lvlV, S, M
Stonebirds4Special2d10 birdsV, S
Storm Shield610 yds/levelSpecialV, S
Summon Insects1 rd30 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Sunblade4 rds0SpecialV, M
Sunrise6Touch5-ft sphere around creature touchedV, S, M
Sunstroke (Old Empire)660 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Sympathetic Magic I1 rd01 creature or objectV, S, M
Tattoo Magic4 hoursTouchOne individualV, S, M
That Art Thou1030-ft radius sphereV
Thundercone60Cone 40 ft long x 20 ft wideV, S
Totem Beast1 turn1 mi.1 creatureV, S, M
Transfer Offense1 turnSpecialSpecialV, S, M
Tree60The casterV, S, M
Turnbane6030-ft radiusV, S
Unearthly Choir*50SpecialV
Unicorn Steed1 rd3 mi.1 unicornV, S, M
Venom Immunity6Touch1 creatureV, S
Walk Among Beasts1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Warmth6TouchCreature touchedV, M
Water Breathing6Touch1 creatureV, S
Water Walk6TouchSpecialV, S, M
Water Window1 rd10 ft5 x 5 ft sqV, S, M
Weather Prediction1 rd0The casterV, S
Wheat into Blade6Touch1 plantV, S, M
Whip of Pain60SpecialV, S, M
Wind Servant620 yds/lvlSpecialV, S
Wind and Rain Protection6Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Wood Rot610 yds1 sq ft/levelV, S, M
4th Level
Adamantite Mace7TouchCaster's weaponV, S, M
Advanced Sunshine75 yds/level15 ft/levelV, M
Amber Prison7TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Animal Sight1 turnTouchAnimal touchedS
Animal Summoning I71 mile radiusSpecialV, S
Animal Vision7100 yds + 20 yds/levelThe casterV, S, M
Badger Form1 rd0The casterV, S, M
Bear Hug10The casterV, S, M
Blessed Warmth4TouchSpecialV, S
Boon of the God1 rd0The casterV, S
Breath of the Elements7TouchCreature touchedV, S
Briartangle710 yds/level10-ft radius + 10 ft/2 levelsV, S, M
Cause Serious Wounds7Touch1 creatureV, S
Censure7TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Conjure Jungle Minions8Touch1 minion/3 levelsV, S, M
Control Giant Insect7100 yds/level1 giant insectV, S, M
Control Temperature, 10-foot Radius7010-ft radiusV, S, M
Create Sanctuary1 turn100 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Creature of Darkness710 yds/levelSpecialV, S, M
Cure Serious Wounds7Touch1 creatureV, S
Decompose75 yds/level150 lbs maximumV, S, M
Detect Animal Attacker1 turnTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Dispel Hallucinatory Forest780 yds40-ft sq/lvlV, S
Dweomerflow7Touch or 20 yds1 spellcaster or magical itemV, S
Endurance1 turnTouch1 creature/2 levelsS, M
Enhance Water Creature2 rds + 2 rds/level10 yds/level1 creature + 1 creature/4 levels of the casterV, M
Feat7TouchCreature touchedV, S
Find Companion1 hr1 mile/two levels1 animal companionV, S, M
Flight of Remnis71 mi.SpecialV, S
Flock of Birds7120 yds30-ft diameter sphereV, S, M
Focus*1 day10 ftSpecialV, S, M
Fortify Healing*60Creature touchedV, S, M
Fortify*60Creature touchedV, S, M
Gauntlet of Winds7Touch1 gauntletV, S, M
Giant Insect720 yds1 to 6 insectsV, S, M
Hallucinatory Forest780 yds40-ft sq/lvlV, S
Heal Trees7Touch10 ft/level square or 1 creatureV, S, M
Healing Hand7TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Healing Rays1 rd30 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Histachii Brew1 rdTouch1 specially prepared brewV, S, M
Hold Plant780 yds1d4 plants in 40-ft sqV, S
Hunger710 yds1 individualV, S, M
Hurl Thunderbolt730 yds + 10 yds/level1 creatureV, S, M
Ice Blade404-ft-long, 4-inch-wide field of forceV, S, M
Interruptible Light1 rdTouchSpecialV, S, M
Join With Astral Traveler1 turn0The casterV, S
Knurl75 yds/level1 creatureV, S, M
Lizard Limbs10The casterV
Log to Lizard730 yds10-ft cubeV, S, M
Lower Water1 turn120 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Mirage710 yds/level30-ft cubeV, S, M
Mirage of Despair4 rds30 yds1 creatureV, M
Moonbow70Creates 1 bowV, S, M
Moonbridge7120 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Multiple Message Mote730 yds1 cu ft maximumV, S
Native Item4Touch1 magical itemV, S, M
Needlestorm760 yds1 tree or plantV, S, M
Neutralize Poison7Touch1 creature or 1 cubic ft of substance/2 lvlsV, S
Oakheart7Touch1 being and one oak treeV, S, M
Oars to Snakes950 yds1 oar/3 levelsV, S, M
Plant Door7TouchSpecialV, S, M
Plant Lance75 yds/level1 plant/2 levelsV, S, M
Poison7Touch1 creature or 1 cubic ft of substance/2 lvlsV, S
Pride of Nobanion71 mi.SpecialV, S
Produce Fire740 yds12-ft sqV, S, M
Protection From Elementals, 10' Radius1 rdTouch10-ft radiusV, S, M
Protection From Lightning7Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Quench Fire740 yds12-ft sqV, S, M
Raise Water1 turn120 ydsSpecialV, S, M
Regenerate Serious Wounds7TouchCreature touchedV, S
Rending430 yds1 item (see below)V, S
Repel Insects1 rd010-ft radiusV, S, M
Reward1 turn01 creatureV, M
Sea Form6TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Shrink Insect720 yds1 to 6 insectsV, S, M
Snakes to Sticks730 yds1d4 snakes + 1 snake/lvl in a 10-ft cubeV, S, M
Softwood1 rdTouch1 man-sized target/3 levelsV, S, M
Spawn Song1 turn0240-yd radiusV, S
Speak With Plants1 turn030-ft radiusV, S, M
Sticks to Snakes730 yds1d4 sticks + 1 stick/lvl in a 10-ft cubeV, S, M
Sunburst730 yds40-ft radius globeV, M
Sustain1 rdTouch1 creature/2 levelsV, S, M
Swirling Scythes703-ft radius/levelV, S, M
Sylvan Form70The casterV, S, M
Thorn Spray310 yds4 thornlike objects/levelV, S, M
Thunderstroke740 yds + 10 yds/level1 creatureV, S, M
Tree Nap1 rd0The casterV, M
Uplift*12 hrs0One priestV, M
Wall of Moonlight75 yds/level6-in-thick vertical plane with a surface of 5 sq ftV, S
Weather Stasis1 turn30 yds10-ft cube/lvlV, S, M
Windborne70The casterV, S, M
Woodiron7TouchWeapon(s) touchedV, S, M
PSPs: 74 MTHAC0: 17 MAC: 7
Attacks: None
Defenses: None
Wild Talent
Power PSPs Range Area of Effect MAC
Complete Healing 25/5 0 Personal 7
Racial Abilities
Class Abilities
    Empathy with animals - May befriend animals.
    Followers - Attracts 2d6 followers at 10th level.
    Hide in shadows 37% - May hide in natural settings.
    Move silently 47% - May move silently through natural settings.
    Priest spells - May begin to cast Priest spells at 8th level.
    Special enemy - Familiar with one type of creature; granted a +4 to attack rolls and a -4 penalty to reaction rolls when encountering this creature.
    Tracking proficiency - Given the tracking proficiency, and will improve by 1 for every three levels.
    Two-weapon style - May fight with two weapons with no penalty if wearing studded leather armor or lighter.
    Major Spheres of Magic - Animal, Plant
    Communicate with creatures - Acquire one woodland creature language per level.
    Fire/electrical resistance - +2 bonus to saves vs. all fire or electrical attacks.
    Identify - May correctly identify plants, animals, and clean water at 3rd level.
    Immunity to charm - Granted immunity to charm based attacks at 7th level.
    Pass without trace - The druid does not leave any evidence of their passage through natural settings.
    Secret language - Knowlege of the secret Druidic tongue.
    Shapechange - May shapechange at 7th level.
    Minor Spheres of Magic - Combat, Divination, Protection
    Major Spheres of Magic - All, Animal, Astral, Elemental, All, Healing, Plant, Sun, Weather

Wild Talent (free) - Allows automatic aquisition of a Wild Psionic Talent.
Movement and Encumbrance
Encumbrance: Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight (lbs): 0-70 71-100 101-130 131-160 161-195
Movement: 12 9 6 3 1
THAC0: -1 -2 -4
AC: +1 +3
Currently carrying 0.00 pounds (None Encumbrance, 12 Movement)
  • Items Carried
    • Amulet of Life Protection
    • Axe, hand/throwing
    • Backpack
      • Block and tackle
      • Candle x6
      • Dry rations (1 week)
      • Flint and steel
      • Sealing/candle wax
      • Signal whistle
      • Torch x2
      • Whetstone
      • Wineskin
    • Composite short bow
    • Crossbow, light
    • Crossbow, light quarrel x20
    • Oil of Impact
    • Potion of Gaseous Form
    • Potion of Giant Control (Hill) x2
    • Potion of Super-heroism
    • Potion of Sweet Water
    • Potion of Water Breathing x3
    • Quiver
      • Composite short bow, flight arrow x20
    • Quiver
    • Scroll of Protection from Electricity
    • Scroll of Protection from Plants
    • Sword, short +2 Giant Slayer
  • Items Readied
    • Sword, short +4 Defender
  • Items Worn
    • Bracers of Defense AC 2
    • Ring of Free Action
    • Ring of Protection +4 AC, +2 ST
Character History
Upon returning from their small adventure LeAnn and Cooper have become adventurers, like me when I was a young girl. All the training I gave them when they were growing up is sure to serve them well. The husband I took (well, I love him and all, but he is an outdoors kinda person -not really a fighter), he taught the children how to survive and take care of the natural beauty in things. I remember when those two learned to ride horses, could hardly keep them out of the stables. When I taught them how to shoot a bow, they started competing with each other, only made them better. When we used to go swimming, they would always race each other. For some reason LeAnn always beat Cooper in these little sister-brother competitions. When Cooper had enough he would wander into the woods and ponder his loss. His father would enterthe woods and for days them two would be out there doing god knows what. LeAnn and I would take care of Nicholas and work on her religious teachings. She always wanted to be a priestess like her grandma and I.

I remember when those two were born, LeAnn and Cooper, twins with Lea born one minute before Coop. From the very first time her grandma saw her she predicted Lea would be a high-priestess some day, though we never told Lea that. Now that boy has a good religious upbringing, I don't know how, but he loves the outdoors like his father and draws force from the trees and they draw force from him. I must be a lucky woman, three good kids, two adventuring out to uphold what they believe, and little Nicholas her learning the same things his brother and sister have learned anxious to follow in their footsteps.