Mavari Dilinar "D'nar" Lareth

Savoryan Shek P'var of the Third Order

Personal Information
Name: Dilinar "D'nar" LarethPlayer: Brian VanceVersion: 1.0
Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'11"Weight: 155 lbs
Class: Psionicist (Idendri)Age: 19 Alignment: Neutral Good
XP: 0 Level: 1 Next Level: 2,200
Kit: None
Ability Scores
Str:8Stamina:8Weight Allowance: 35 lbsBend Bars/Lift Gates: 1%
Muscle:8Attack Adj.: +0Damage Adj.: +0Max. Press: 90 lbsOpen Doors: 5
Dex:12Aim:10Missile Adjustment: +0Pick Pockets: -10%Open Locks: -5%
Balance:14Reaction Adjustment: +0Armor Class: +0Move Silently: +0%Climb Walls: +0%
Con:18Health:18System Shock: 99%Poison Save: +0
Fitness:18Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+4)Resurrection Chance: 100%
Int:18Reason:18Max. Spell Level: 9thMax. Spells Per Level: 18Illusion Immunity: None
Knowledge:18Bonus Proficiencies: 7Chance to Learn New Spell: 85%
Wis:18Intuition:18Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Willpower:18Magic Defense Adjustment: +4Spell Immunity: None
Cha:10Leadership:8Loyalty Base: -1Maximum Number of Henchmen: 3
Appearance:12Initial Reaction Adjustment: +0

Hit Points: 10
Base THAC0: 20
Melee THAC0: 20
Missile THAC0: 20
Natural armor class 10
Full armor, hide -4
Weapon Proficiencies
Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Contact 5
Rejuvination 11
Survival 11
Fire-Building 13
Etiquette (free) 11
Reading/Writing (free) 12
Native Languages
Weapons - Primary and Offhand
WeaponMeleeMissileRoundFactorSm-MedLargeTypeSize PB / S / M / L /EX
Dagger 2020121d41d3PS246
Sling 2016P/BS
Sling, sling stone1d41d4BS81624
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 13 Poison: 13 Death Magic: 13 Petrification: 12 Polymorph: 12
Rod: 15 Staff: 15 Wand: 15 Breath Weapon: 16 Spell: 15

PSPs: 29 MTHAC0: 18 MAC: 3
Devotions: 4 Sciences: 2 Disciplines: 2
Attacks: Ego Whip (EW)
Defenses: Tower of Iron Will (TW), Mind Blank (MBk)
Power PSPs Range Area of Effect MAC
Psychometabolic (Primary)
Metamorphosis 6/3 0 Personal 4
Body Equilibium 2/1 0 Personal 6
Chameleon Power 4/1 0 Personal 7
Psychoportive (Primary)
Teleport 10+/5+ Unlimited Personal 9
Time Shift 16/6 0 personal 8
Dimensional Door 3/1 50+ yards Not applicable 7
Racial Abilities
Experience bonus - +5% experence point bonus.
Class Abilities
    Armor Use - May use light armor.
    Contact - The psionicist receives the contact proficiency and gains attack modes as shown on the Psionic Progression table in the Skills and Powers book.
    Mental Defense - The psionicist receives extra defense modes as though he was two levels higher than his actual level.
    Psychic Adept - The psionicist receives extra power. The two disciplines the psionicist chooses at first level count as primary disciplines.
    Warrior Hit Point Bonus - The psionicist gains bonus hit points from a high Constitution score as if he were a warrior.
Wild Talent (free) - Allows automatic aquisition of a Wild Psionic Talent.
Movement and Encumbrance
Encumbrance Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight (lbs) 0-35 36-50 51-65 66-80 81-90
Movement 12 8 6 4 1
THAC0 -1 -2 -4
AC +1 +3
Currently carrying 45.80 pounds (Light Encumbrance, 8 Movement)
  • Items Carried
    • Backpack
      • Dram x130
    • Belt pouch, large
    • Flint and steel
    • Sling
    • Sling, sling stone x10
    • Whetstone
    • Wineskin
    • Winter blanket
  • Items Readied
    • Dagger
  • Items Stored
    • Rations,iron (1 week) x2
    • Torch x3
  • Items Worn
    • Belt
    • Boots, soft
    • Breeches
    • Full armor, hide
    • Tunic
Character History
D'nar was born in the village of Teale in 1058 SA as the son of the village blacksmith (Herat and Katmyl Lareth). His true name was Dilanar, but his parents used D'nar as his common name.

At a young age it bacame apparent that D'nar had inhereted his mother's quickness of mind and his eagerness to learn was unparalleled in the village. Because he had also inherited his mother's slender build, he was physically unable to perform some tasks on his father's forge and so at the age of 12 (and after much closed door discussion between his parents) he was apprenticed to a local sheep herder.

As he turned 13 he bagan to ask the questions all children of that age ask. Who are we? Where do we come from? His parents always managed to avoid the questions or divert him by assigning unwanted chores. Finally, they would tell him that it didn't matter because Teale was his birthplace and their home now. However, he was able to learn through the townsfolk that his parents had only arrived in the village two months before he was born, and wasn't it strange to be moving around with an expecting woman.

Regardless of this D'nar was happy and thrived in the little village, until shortly after his 15th birthday. That was when the Zun arrived.

He still remembers the beginnings of shouts from the village, and his father running in the door seeking his mother. Sharing a secret glance with D'nar's mother, his father pulled a huge sword from a hidden location below the floor boards that D'nar had never seen before. Then his mother was placing a heavy pack on his back and pushing him towards the door while telling him to be careful. All he remembers then is a flash of light and then he was regaining consciousness in the woods a few miles from his his home.

It was dawn the next day, and that was all D'nar could tell as he walked back to the village. He knew something was wrong when he saw the smoke. As he stumbled into the outskirts of the village, he could see the entire village had been burned and the villagers had been burned in a hideous bonfire in the center of the town. He could see Zun warriors poking through the fire and removing valuables from the ashes, and then he saw them pull his mothers half-melted necklass from the pit and he knew they were dead.

Before it could sink in, a Zun warrior turned and noticed him standing there and raised an alarm before charging at D'nar. D'nar turned and fled into the woods, but the Zun warrior was close behind. Finally, he cornered D'nar and began moving in with an evil grin. Something snapped in D'nar and the next thing he knew, he was hurling himself at the warrior and attacking with his claws and teeth. No, not his claws and teeth, but the claws and teeth of a vicious panther in fact, he had BECOME a panther!

As he continued to run and hide from the Zun troops, he began to become aware of and gain some control over the mental powers he seemed to have. He also became adept at surviving and hiding in the wilderness, but food was scarce.

One day, D'nar saw a small human party in the forest. This was the first humans D'nar had seen in quite some time, and while he was relieved he was also wary. He decided to follow behind for a few days and observe them before making his presence known. At night, he could hear them talking as they made camp and settled in for the night. This group was named the "Company of the Sable Scarab".

He had finally decided to make himself known to the party the next night, however before nightfall, a large Zun ambush took the party. They clearly knew these humans were coming and were ready for them. These Zun were even more vicious than normal and after capturing them, proceeded to skin the survivors alive and then slaughtered them to the last member. Then the Zun gathered up the skins like trophies and departed in no particular hurry toward the nearest river. D'nar knew that this was not normal behavior, even for the bloodiest Zun and decided to put some serious distance between himself and this Zun party. However, during his observation of the adventuring group, he had overheard them mention the location of a nearby cache of food and supplies and headed towards it.

D'nar was very anxious to get to the cache and away from the Zun and because of this, his movements became rushed and careless. Unfortunately, the noise of his movements had given his location away to and the next thing he knew, some large human had attacked him and was holding a knife to his throat. At this point, D'nar was very tired from his rapid pace and was too tired to even attempt escape at that point. When they began questioning D'nar, he volunteered that he was from the "Company of the Sable Scarab". Another member of the party promptly replied to the other members of the group that "The boy is lying". Looking around the remaining members of the party, D'nar noticed that a third member of the party was glaring at him. D'nar cleared his throat nervously, and decided to make another attempt...