Mavari Kendervon

Savoryan Shek P'var of the Third Order

Personal Information
Name: Kendervon Player: Dan Kile Version: 1.3
Race: Elf Gender: Male Height: 4'3"Weight: 98 lbs
Classes: Priest of Save K'Nor/Savoryan/IdendriAge: 120Alignment: True Neutral
XP: 611/151/371 Levels: 1/1/1 Next Level: 1,500/2,500/2,200
Kit: Mystic Bonus XP: +10% (Priest of Save K'Nor/Savoryan/Idendri)
Ability Scores
Str:8Stamina:8Weight Allowance: 35 lbsBend Bars/Lift Gates: 1%
Muscle:8Attack Adj.: +0Damage Adj.: +0Max. Press: 90 lbsOpen Doors: 5
Dex:17Aim:15Missile Adjustment: +0Pick Pockets: +0%Open Locks: +0%
Balance:19Reaction Adjustment: +3Armor Class: -4Move Silently: +15%Climb Walls: +15%
Con:17Health:16System Shock: 95%Poison Save: +0
Fitness:18Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+4)Resurrection Chance: 100%
Int:17Reason:19Max. Spell Level: 9thMax. Spells Per Level: AllIllusion Immunity: 1st Level
Knowledge:16Bonus Proficiencies: 5Chance to Learn New Spell: 70%
Wis:17Intuition:18Bonus Clerical Spells: 2, 2, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 0%
Willpower:16Magic Defense Adjustment: +2Spell Immunity: None
Cha:8Leadership:9Loyalty Base: +0Maximum Number of Henchmen: 4
Appearance:7Initial Reaction Adjustment: -1

Hit Points: 9
Base THAC0: 20
Melee THAC0: 20
Missile THAC0: 20
Natural armor class 10
Balance Defensive adj. -4
Weapon Proficiencies
Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Etiquette (free) 11
Reading/Writing (free) 10
Contact (Wild Talent) 5
Rejuvination 9
Native Languages
Elf, Melderynese
Weapons - Primary and Offhand
WeaponMeleeMissileRoundFactorSm-MedLargeTypeSize PB / S / M / L /EX
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 10 Poison: 10 Death Magic: 10 Petrification: 12 Polymorph: 12
Rod: 11 Staff: 11 Wand: 11 Breath Weapon: 15 Spell: 12

Turning Undead
Skeleton or 1 HD:10    Wight or 5 HD: 20   Mummy or 7 HD: -    Ghost or 10 HD: -   
Zombie: 13 Ghast: - Spectre or 8 HD: - Lich or 11+ HD: -
Ghoul or 2 HD: 16 Wraith or 6 HD: - Vampire or 9 HD: - Special: -
Shadow or 3-4 HD:19
# = Roll # or greater on a 1d20 to turn 2d6 undead.
T = Automatically turns 2d6 undead.
D = Automatically destroys 2d6 undead.
D* = Automatically destroys 2d6+2d4 undead.
Class Spell Points
Diviner1 + 1*
Priest of Save K'nor3
Spells Known
SpellTimeRangeArea of EffectComponents
1st Level
Comprehend Languages1 rdTouch1 speaking creature or written textV, S, M
Detect Magic1010 x 60 ftV, S
Detect Undead1 rd060 ft + 10 ft/lvlV, S, M
Read Magic1 rd0SpecialV, S, M
Shocking Grasp1TouchCreatureV, S
Wizard Mark1TouchUp to 1 sq ftV, S, M
Cleric Spells Granted
SpellTimeRangeArea of EffectComponents
1st Level
Analyze Balance1 rd80 yds1 creature, object, or 10' sqV, S, M
Anti-Vermin Barrier130 yds10-ft cube/lvlV, S, M
Astral Celerity40The casterV, S
Bless1 rd60 yds50-ft cubeV, S, M
Blessed Watchfulness4TouchCreature touchedV, S
Calculate40The casterS, M
Cause Light Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Combine1 rdTouchCircle of priestsV, S
Cure Light Wounds5TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Curse1 rd60 yds50-ft cubeV, S, M
Darkness4120 yds20-ft radius globeV, S, M
Detect Evil1 rd010 ft x 120 ydsV, S, M
Detect Good1 rd010 ft x 120 ydsV, S, M
Detect Magic1 rd010 ft x 30 ydsV, S, M
Detect Poison40SpecialV, S, M
Detect Snares & Pits4010 x 40 ftV, S, M
Dispel Fatigue430 yds1 creatureV, S, M
Emotion Read35 yds/lvl1 creatureV, S, M
Endure Cold/Endure Heat1 rdTouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Entangle480 yds40-ft cubeV, S, M
Faerie Fire480 yds10 sq ft/lvl within a 40-ft radiusV, M
Invisibility to Undead4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Know Age101 object or creatureV, S, M
Know Direction10SpecialV, S, M
Know Time10The casterV, S, M
Light4120 yds20-ft radius globeV, S, M
Locate Animals or Plants1 rd100 yds + 20 yds/lvl20 yds/lvl x 20 ftV, S, M
Log of Everburning1TouchSpecialV, S, M
Orison410 ydsVariesV, S
Pass Without Trace1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Personal Reading2 turns01 creatureV, S, M
Protection From Evil4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Protection From Good4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Protection from Chaos4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Purify Food & Drink1 rd30 yds1 cubic ft/lvl, in 10 sq ftV, S, M
Putrefy Food and Drink1 rd30 yds1 cubic ft/lvl, in 10 sq ftV, S, M
Ring of Hands/Ring of Woe*50SpecialV, S, M
Sacred Guardian1TouchCreature touchedV, S, M
Sanctuary4Touch1 creatureV, S, M
Shillelagh2Touch1 oak clubV, S, M
Speak With Astral Traveler1 rdTouch1 creatureV, S, M
Sunscorch440 yds1 creatureV, S
Thought Capture3010 ydsV, S, M
Weighty Chest1Touch5-ft cubeV, S, M
Wizard Spell Descriptions
-1 penalty.
Comprehend Languages (Divination)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: Savoryan (version)
Range: Touch Components: V, S, M
Duration: 5 rounds/lvl Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: One speaking creature or written text Saving Throw: None

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to understand the spoken words of a creature or read an otherwise incomprehensible written message (such as writing in another language). In either case, the wizard must touch the creature or the writing. Note that the ability to read does not necessarily impart understanding of the material, nor does the spell enable the caster to speak or write an unknown language. Written material can be read at the rate of one page or equivalent per round. Magical writing cannot be read, other than to know it is magical, but the spell is often useful when deciphering treasure maps. This spell can be foiled by certain warding magic (the 3rd-level secret page and illusionary script spells), and it does not reveal messages concealed in otherwise normal text.

The material components of this spell are a pinch of soot and a few grains of salt.

The reverse of this spell, confuse languages, cancels a comprehend languages spell or renders a writing or a creature's speech incomprehensible, for the same duration as above.

Detect Magic (Divination)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: All
Range: 0 Components: V, S
Duration: 2 rounds/lvl Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 10 x 60 ft Saving Throw: None

When the detect magic spell is cast, the wizard detects magical radiations in a path 10 feet wide and up to 60 feet long, in the direction he is facing. The intensity of the magic can be determined (dim, faint, moderate, strong, overwhelming), and the wizard has a 10% chance per level to recognize if a certain type of magic (alteration, conjuration, etc.) is present. The caster can turn, scanning a 60-degree arc per round. A stone wall of 1 foot or more thickness, solid metal of 1 inch thickness, or a yard or more of solid wood blocks the spell. Magical areas, multiple types of magic, or strong local magical emanations may confuse or conceal weaker radiations. Note that this spell does not reveal the presence of good or evil, or reveal alignment. Otherplanar creatures are not necessarily magical.

Detect Undead (Divination, Necromancy)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: Savoryan
Range: 0 Components: V, S, M
Duration: 3 turns Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: 60ft +10ft/lvl Saving Throw: None

This spell enables the caster to detect all undead creatures out to the limit of the spell. The area of effect extends in a path 10 feet wide and 60 feet long (plus 10 feet longer per level of the wizard), in the direction the caster is facing. Scanning a direction requires one round, and the caster must be motionless. While the spell indicates direction, it does not give specific location or distance. It detects undead through walls and obstacles but is blocked by 1 foot of solid stone, 1 yard of wood or loose earth, or a thin coating of metal. The spell does not indicate the type of undead detected, only that undead are present.

The material component for this spell is a bit of earth from a grave.

Read Magic (Divination)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: All
Range: 0 Components: V, S, M
Duration: 2 rounds/lvl Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: Special Saving Throw: None

By means of a read magic spell, the wizard is able to read magical inscriptions on objects--books, scrolls, weapons, and the like--that would otherwise be totally unintelligible. (The personal books of the wizard, and works already magically read, are intelligible.) This deciphering does not normally invoke the magic contained in the writing, although it may do so in the case of a cursed scroll. Furthermore, once the spell is cast and the wizard has read the magical inscription, he is thereafter able to read that particular writing without recourse to the use of the read magic spell. The duration of the spell is two rounds per level of experience of the spellcaster; the wizard can read one page or its equivalent per round.

The wizard must have a clear crystal or mineral prism, which is not expended, to cast the spell.

Shocking Grasp (Alteration)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: Tazmut
Range: Touch Components: V, S
Duration: Special Casting Time: a
Area of Effect: Creature touched Saving Throw: None

When the wizard casts this spell, he develops a powerful electrical charge that gives a jolt to the creature touched. The spell remains in effect for one round per level of the caster or until it is discharged by the caster touching another creature. The shocking grasp delivers 1d8 points of damage, plus 1 point per level of the wizard (for example, a 2nd-level wizard would discharge a shock causing 1d8+2 points of damage). While the wizard must come close enough to his opponent to lay a hand on the opponent's body or upon an electrical conductor that touches the opponent's body, a like touch from the opponent does not discharge the spell.

The material component is the enchanted item, one bandage from an adherer (or similar sticky creature), and a 500 gp ruby or other dark colored precious gem.

Wizard Mark (Alteration)

Level: 1 Shek p'vars: Tazmut
Range: Touch Components: V, S, M
Duration: Permanent Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: Up to 1 sq. Ft. Saving Throw: None

When this spell is cast, the wizard is able to inscribe, visibly or invisibly, his personal rune or mark, as well as up to six additional characters of smaller size. A wizard mark spell enables the caster to etch the rune upon stone, metal, or any softer substance without harm to the material upon which the mark is placed. If an invisible mark is made, a detect magic spell will cause it to glow and be visible (though not necessarily understandable). Detect invisibility, true seeing, a gem of seeing, or a robe of eyes will likewise expose an invisible wizard mark. A read magic spell will reveal the maker's words, if any. The mark cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed by the caster or by an erase spell. If cast on a living being, normal wear gradually causes the mark to fade.

The material component for this spell are a pinch of diamond dust (about 100 gp worth) and a pigment or pigments for the coloration of the mark. If the mark is to be invisible, the pigments are still used, but the caster uses a stylus of some sort rather than his finger.
PSPs: 25 MTHAC0: 19 MAC: 5
Devotions: 4 Sciences: 2 Disciplines: 2
Attacks: Mind Thrust (MT)
Defenses: Mind Blank (MBk)
Power PSPs Range Area of Effect MAC
Clairsentient (Primary)
Clairvoyance5/2 Unlimited Special 7
All-Round Vision 5/2 0 Personal 8
Danger Sense 3/1 50 Yards Personal 8
Psychometabolic (Primary)
Metamorphosis 6/3 0 Personal 4
Cell Adjustment 5+ Touch Individual 6
Forced Symmetry 12/5 0 individual 7
Wild Talent
Chameleon Power 4/1 0 Personal 7
Psionic Powers
(Clairsentient Science)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
7 (base)
This power allows the user to see images from a distant location. The user picks a spot he knows, makes an MTHAC0 roll, then looks at everything he would be able to see if he were standing in that spot. The user's field of vision is the same as normal, and turning his head allows him to scan the area.

Clairvoyance doesn't replace normal vision. The user still sees what's around his physical location, with the distant scene superimposed. Closing one's eyes blocks the double vision and leaves only the distant scene. This power doesn't enhance vision, so hidden or invisible objects remain undetected. The distant scene is visual only; there is no sound.

The distance of the viewing spot modifies the power's MAC, as shown below.

Range Power's MAC
100 yards 7
1,000 yards 5
10 miles 3
100 miles 1
1,000 miles -1
10,000 miles -3
Interplanetary* -5

* Clairvoyance only works within a given plane or crystal sphere.

All-Round Vision
(Clairsentient Devotion)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
This power lets the user see in all directions simultaneously. This has obvious benefits, including a +2 surprise roll bonus to the user for encounters where being able to see is an advantage. There is a penalty, however. While this power is in effect, gaze attacks against the user receive a +4 bonus.

Danger Sense
(Clairsentient Devotion)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
50 yards
This power produces a slight tingling sensation at the back of the user's neck whenever a hazard or threat is near. When a character wants to activate this power, the DM makes the MTHAC0 roll for the character in secret. The DM informs the user whether the power has been successfully activated, but not how high the roll was. For every round that the user keeps the power in effect, he receives advance warning about the general direction of a threat.

No details about the type of danger are learned, or how or when the danger will strike. How much warning depends on the MTHAC0 roll. If the roll succeeds by +1 to +6, the user receives warning just moments before danger strikes. This gives him the opportunity to act before the danger strikes in the round, but no time to warn others. If the roll succeeds by +7 or better, the user knows whether danger is lurking within the area of effect a full round before it shows itself.

In addition to the above benefits, the power gives the user a +2 bonus to surprise rolls.

(Psychometabolic Science)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
This power resembles magical polymorphing, but it has a wider application. The user can change himself into anything with approximately the same mass as his body: a wolf, a chair, or even a tree. While in this form, the user retains his own hit points and THAC0, but he gains the AC of the new form. He also gains all physical attacks the form allows, but no magical or special abilities. A new attack ability depends on the form chosen; a tree, for example, can't attack, so it has no THAC0. Nonmagical movement is also gained. If the user metamorphs into another character race, use the Monstrous Manual book's descriptions for that race.

Some forms have intrinsic advantages. Changing into a fish or rock renders the user immune to drowning, though he doesn't retain any senses not normally associated with his new form. He may opt to keep some of his own senses when he transforms, but these are likely to give him away.

Like any massive change of shape, metamorphosis causes great physical stress. The user must make a system shock roll. If the roll fails, he expends 6 PSPs, changes form only for 1 round, and immediately passes out for 2d6 turns.

Cell Adjustment
(Psychometabolic Devotion)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
This power allows the user to heal wounds and cure nonmagical diseases-excluding such unnatural diseases as mummy rot and lycanthropy. He can cure a disease in 1 round by spending 5 PSPs and making a successful MTHAC0 roll. If the roll fails, the disease is too widespread in the victim's system. The user must continue spending 5 PSPs each round until he succeeds in activating the power. Note that a cure performed through this power doesn't automatically restore lost hit points. However, the user can heal up to 4 points of damage in each subsequent round by spending 5 PSPs per hit point recovered (4 hit points for 20 PSPs per round maximum). The user can't cure a disease and restore hit points during the same round.

Forced Symmetry
(Psychometabolic Devotion)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
20 yards
With this power the psionicist can force a creature into perfect symmetry in order to temporarily cause or heal damage. Most creature, including all the player character races, are laterally symmetrical in arrangement; that is, they have two halves that are roughly identical. This power lets the psionicist choose one of the halves and make it identical to (a mirror image of) the other. For instance, a psionicist can choose to make a one-eyed man completely blind or sited in both eyes with the power.

In terms of existing combat damage, a creature probably has more damage to one half than the other; the psionicist can take advantage of this and increase the overall damage to the victim, but can not more than double the original damage. In reverse, the psionicist can duplicate the less damaged half, reducing damage possibly to zero. The DM decides how much damage in inflicted or healed. Once employed, the power effects the creature's entire body-selected portions can not be exempted. After rounds equal to the psionicist's level, the creature resumes its normal form, though all damage inflicted in the meantime remains. Items carried by the creature are unaffected.

This power can have greater effect on creatures that are radially symmetrical (a starfish, for example). The psionicist can pick one portion and make all the others duplicate it, temporarily.

Chameleon Power
(Psychometabolic Devotion)
PSP Cost:
Preparation Time:
Area of Effect:
7 (base)
This power changes the coloration of the user's skin, clothing, and equipment to match the nearest background. The match is automatic; the user doesn't choose the appearance. The change takes several seconds to occur. As the user moves, the coloration shifts to reflect any changes in the surroundings.

This power makes the user extremely difficult to spot. For every round the power is in effect and the user remains still, he can avoid detection simply by successfully rolling against the power's MAC. If the user moves, the MAC score increases (to MAC 5). Chameleon power is most effective in natural surroundings, where the user's coloration can best conceal him. In an urban setting, or in an area without natural cover during broad daylight, the power's MAC score changes to MAC 3.
Racial Abilities
Cold resistance - +1 bonus on saving throws vs. cold- and ice- based attacks, as the elf's body is less susceptible to extreme temperatures.
Heat resistance - +1 bonus on saving throws vs. heat- and fire-based attacks, as the elf's body is less susceptible to extreme temperatures.
Less sleep - The elf requires only four hours worth of sleep to be rested. This is especially valuable to spell-casters.
Magic identification 10% - A 5% chance per experience level of identifying the general purpose and function of any magical item, reflecting their interest in the arcane. This is as per the bard ability - see the Player's Handbook for more information.
Reason bonus - +1 bonus to the Reason subability.
Resistance 90% - 90 percent resistant to sleep and charm-related spells.

Class Abilities
    Hit point bonus - d10 is used as Hit Point die.
    Turn undead - Allows the cleric to turn undead.
    Minor Spheres of Magic - Astral, Healing, Necromantic, Plant, Wards, Weather
    Major Spheres of Magic - All, Divination, Guardian, Law, Numbers, Protection, Sun, Thought, Time, Travelers
    Automatic spells - Gains one free spell every time the mage gains a new level of spells.
    Bonus spells - Gain one free spell per level from their area of speciality.
    Detect magic - May detect magic once per day for every three levels.
    Intense magic - -1 penalty to all saving throws on spells cast from the chosen school.
    Learning bonus - +15% bonus to learning any spell in the chosen school.
    Learning penalty - -15% penalty to learning rolls on spells outside the chosen school.
    No components - No components are necessary for spells in the chosen school.
    Research bonus - When researching spells in the chosen school, treat the spell as one level lower.
    Saving throw bonus - +1 bonus on saves against spells in their chosen school.
    Schools of Magic - Abjuration, Alteration, Enchantment/Charm, Greater Divination, Illusion/Phantasm
    Contact - The psionicist receives the contact proficiency and gains attack modes as shown on the Psionic Progression table in the Skills and Powers book.
    Hit Point Bonus - Psionicists with this ability roll eight-sided dice for hit points rather than six-sided dice. The psionicist still gains only two extra hit points per level at 10th level and beyond.
    Mental Defense - The psionicist can close his mind to psychic contact and gains defense modes. The psionicist also receives a +2 bonus to his mental armor class.
    Psychic Adept - The psionicist receives extra power. The two disciplines the psionicist chooses at first level count as primary disciplines.
    Warrior Hit Point Bonus - The psionicist gains bonus hit points from a high Constitution score as if he were a warrior.

Kit -
Wild Talent (free) - Allows automatic aquisition of a Wild Psionic Talent.

Colorblind - Character sees only in shades of grey.

Movement and Encumbrance
Encumbrance Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight (lbs) 0-35 36-50 51-65 66-80 81-90
Movement 15 10 7 5 1
THAC0 -1 -2 -4
AC +1 +3
Currently carrying 19.01 pounds (None Encumbrance, 15 Movement)
  • Items Carried
    • Backpack
      • Dry rations (1 week)
      • Flint and steel
      • Glass bottle
      • Holy item
      • Honey leather (sq. yd.)
      • Iron Rations (1 week)
      • Paper (per sheet)
      • Rations, Iron (1 week)
      • Sashling
      • Spell Scroll, Priest (2 Neutralize Poison)
      • Torch x5
      • Wineskin
      • Writing ink (per vial)
  • Items Stored
    • Spellbook
      • Comprehend Languages (1)
      • Detect Magic (1)
      • Detect Undead (1)
      • Read Magic (1)
      • Shocking Grasp (1)
      • Wizard Mark (1)
  • Items Worn
    • Belt pouch, large
    • Good cloth cloak
    • Gown, common
  • Spending Money
    • Crown
    • Dram x300
Character History