Agrik's Symbol

The March of Agrik

Agrik's Symbol

Here is a drinking/marching song popular among the Laumak (common soldiers) of the Agrikhan order of the Copper Hook. The Haragki (knights) find the song much too "common" for their use.

Oddly the other popular(?) fighting orders, such as the Order of the Cohorts of Gashang, the Order of the Companions of Roving Doom, the Order of Crimson Dancer, the Order of Demon Pameshlu the Insatiable, the Order of the Red Shadows of Herpa, and the Order of the Warriors of Mamaka, don't see the need in song.

The warhorn sings the call to battle!
Chainmail, shield, and helm all rattle.

Balefire, sword, spear and mace,
The four horsemen charge the enemy we face!

Surcoats of white will run bloody red!
Swing thy sword brother 'til our enemies are dead!

Agrik our lord will fight by our side,
We fight for his glory, We kill for his pride!

Original author was Bruce Frankford,
but has been edited by Avathar Valcana for campaign reasons.