The AD&D Life

Shortly after I was born, my family moved to Portage Indiana. I grew a little and simply existed until I discovered comic books. Between 4th and 6th grade I had amassed quite a considerable collection (which is now going to pay for my computer upgrades). Nearly every issue was Marvel. Spiderman, the Human Torch, Wolverine (before he became famous), and Green Arrow ruled supreme.

Soon after 6th grade began, I found my next calling; to be an AD&D Dungeon Master. As with most youngsters, I could only afford one hobby- AD&D. I owe much of my current campaign world (Feägurth) to my early players: Ron Kile (my younger brother), Dan Kile (my still younger brother), Mike Hurst, and Jeff Evans.

Nearly every waking moment was spent playing this game. Did I waste my time? No, I don't think so! Who I am today is largely based upon the "thinking games" AD&D stressed. I won't launch into a tirade about the GOODs of the game (such as increasing vocabulary, learning how to accomplish grand tasks with very little, dealing with potentially hostile situations, thinking beyond "established" boundaries, etc.). No, really I won't go into how many ANTI-D&D groups are thick-skulled individuals who don't know anything about which they are preaching against, or the fact that how one person plays (or played) is not necessarily how someone else plays. No, really I won't.

But suffice it to say, I played for years before I graduated high school, for years afterward, and since I have been married. Will I continue to play? What do you think? Would I allow my children to play? Darn straight I would. I would let them be anything non-evil (for starters).

When we first started playing we only loosely played the game. In subsequent games, we learned more of the rules and began to define whole worlds. These worlds had to encompass more than just a place to re-equip before embarking upon another foray into a darkened dungeon. These worlds had to have unique personalities that made them interesting, someplace you would want to return to, someplace with intrigue and adventure. Adventures grand, mild, and even silly. It was a lesson to all the players on how to interact with different people of different ideas and faiths.

In later years I discovered the Hârn Campaign world. This was a fully fleshed world that relieved the burden of creativity from the world and let me focus my energies upon the campaign specifics. Hârn world has strong ties to the world we know, so many underlying principles are easier to grasp. This is truly a professional package, none of the other campaign worlds I have seen can compare.
Dr. Strange

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