The Feägurth Campaign World

My campaign world is strongly based in Columbia Games' world of Hârn, with TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) as the driving game system. Feägurth possesses an amalgamation of traits from several AD&D campaign settings, such as Forgotten Realms, World of Greyhawk, Dark Sun, Al-qadim, Spelljammer, as well as Ravenloft.

Knowledge of these campaign worlds will not necessarily give the player an edge, but it might just make some of the "seemingly" odd combinations of places and things more comprehensible. The obvious world specific traits (such as psionics from Dark Sun) are not always the aspect of that world that I integrated into my own (but then again, it just might have been).

This site is meant to be a gaming tool for player characters (and other Dungeon Masters) in the fantasy realm of Feägurth. The term Feägurth means "true spirit". The "true spirit" concept is prevalent in many fantasy novels. The "true spirit" is a soul/being/item(?) that the laws of reality (fate, coincidence, chance, etc.) seem to alter, twist, or simply break down around. In Feägurth, these altered probabilities cannot be counted upon or in any way anticipated (for example, to save one's life or find a lost friend). It is just an increased likelihood that something will more than likely occur around/to these individuals.

Any similarities to real (or fictional) people on this site is merely coincidence (except, of course, those of you who have actually gamed with me). Feel free to use my world as your campaign base. I will gladly share ideas (and secrets?) with you concerning my world. I only ask that no part be sold for a profit and that none of it (that is, the secrets) be shared with my current player characters (and you know who you are).