The World of Feägurth

As chronicled by Avathar Valcana

Feägurth is a quasi-medieval realm of high fantasy (versus high realism) and high magic (high in quantity, moderate - low in spell levels, and low in magic items). All the Feägurthian inhabitants possess mental powers (wild talents) to include the animals and some vegetation. Though these abilities are natural, only about 65% of the human-kind know how to use their abilities with any measurable amount of control.

The lands occupy a portion of a lone plateau just above the clouds. It's size can only be approximated due to the hazards of the eastern wilds. Every explorer since 98 SA (Since Arrival) has presented the crown with a different (and often conflicting) survey of the surrounding territory. The plate itself is encircled by cliffs, which are treacherous and unscalable by all historical accounts (that is, to date no one that has attempted has ever returned). Even if one were intrepid enough to attempt the decent, they must first successfully breach the "barrier zone".

Feägurth's primary residents are from the nation of New Melderyn which, consequently, is the only acknowledged nation on the plate. New Melderyn is primarily a human kingdom with many elven and dwarven settlements. These settlements are ruled by mayors (or clan leaders) who pay homage to the New Melderyni crown. There are also isolated barbarian clans, which swear allegiance only to their own. These independent clans are tolerated as they cause no serious threat to the security of New Melderyn. Cherifar is the capital of New Melderyn and the principal seat of the current regent monarch, Queen Atrina III. The palace, Caer Cherifar, quite easily the oldest structure on the plate, is home to the queen and many other nobles.

The primary uncivilized race is the zun. They are fairly common in the west and rarely attack large settlements. Though they have, in fact, literally razed Teale (a moderate sized hamlet in eastern New Melderyn), this is the exception rather than the rule. Rumors abound that some zun stand over 20 hands tall and are aided by certain Melderyni citizens, and others might even employ advanced magicks.

The climate is temperate to tropical. It very rarely snows, and never lingers more than a few days. There are no mountains or deserts (except the barren "barrier" zoned cliff areas where plant life refuses to grow), though several unusual geographic specific phenomena do exist, such as the "dead" regions, "barasi" points, and the foreboding "barrier zone".