Welcome to the Capital City of

Cherifar [A4] is the capital city of New Melderyn, the largest city in New Melderyn, and also the western most city on the plateau. This city is often on the cutting edge of modernization. Shek p'var guilds abound here, and as no coincidence, boasts the most magical advancements to enhance the life of the average man. Cherifar boasts hot & cold running water to nearly every building and home within it's walls, streetlights, and paved roads. The citizens, seem to view themselves as a better breed than those in other cities. Nearly anyone met would seem to be a snob to the easterners.

Caer Cherifar (Queen Atrina III [H])
The citadel of Cherifar and the principal residence of Queen Atrina of New Melderyn. The keep has at least two sub levels and six stories above ground; it extends approximately eighty above the ground and it towers are some twenty feet taller than that. On the castle grounds are the Graneries of the Royal Household, bonded Ostler for the Royal Household, and the bonded Weaponcrafter for the Royal Household.

Palace of the White Hand
The palace is named for the Gentle Order of the White Hand Shek P'vars, who guard and magically protect this building that houses the headquarters of the New Melderyn and Cherifar governments. The building, in addition the courts, houses the Royal Mint.

Enclave of the Unfettered Glove
The prime college of Heralds' of the New Melderyn plateau. The college contains the entire heraldic records for the entire plateau.

Bonding House (Sulcarmen [H])
Size:10 Quality:****** Prices:High
Cherifar has the largest bonding house on the plate to store imports to the city.

Chantry of Arcane Lore (Depends [Various])
Size:10 Quality:**** Prices:High
This is one of the largest chantries of the esoteric arts in the nation. The chantry does not specialize in any particular field, but is still a veritable fountain of knowledge.

Fyvorian Chantry (Depends [Various])
Size:7 Quality:**** Prices:High
This chantry specializes in enchantments and charms, and looks not unlike a country club.

School of Spell Advancement through Jenzig Education (Depends [Various])
Size:9 Quality:***** Prices:Extortion
This is a Jenzig Chantry that delves into invocation and evocation spells. These Jenzig strut up and down the city streets, they boast the best convocation, the best masters, the best facilities, and in the best city. Some shop owners have had to take out extra insurance just to be able to rebuild after Jenzig boasting.

--J'morvi Chantry (Depends [Varies])
Size:3 Quality:**** Prices:High
This is chantry specializes in conjuration & summoning dweomers.

Lyahvi Chantry (Depends [Varies])
Size:7 Quality:*** Prices:Extortion
Explores the art of illusion and the powers of phantasms.

Peleahn Chantry (Depends [Varies])
Size:3 Quality:**** Prices:Average
Primarily the Gentle Order of the White Hand, devoted to protecting the royalty and exposing magic frauds.

Savoryan Chantry (Depends [Varies])
Size:6 Quality:**** Prices:High
This chantry studies the powers of the mind and psychic inspiration.

Tazmut Chantry (Depends [Varies])
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This chantry tries to change the world through alteration magics.

Renin Park

Genin Square
Named for the Mage Genin, but famous for the Two Trees. The Two Trees were formerly criminals that were permanently turned into trees as a royal punishment for invading the King Telsir's privacy and conspiring to rob him. As trees, they give something back to the city -beauty.

Anglar Square
This square is the site of all public executions, but is also a very large market square during other times.

Azure Square
Beginning at dawn, this square starts to fill with merchants. Nearly all the merchants are reputable, because the queen dislikes dishonesty. Queen Atrina has been known to make examples of those who are dishonest.

Atrina Garden
Named for the present Queen who dedicated this park to the people to enjoy. Minor note, the Queen takes major offense to those who destroy any part of her park.

The village outside the walls of Cherifar. They enjoy lower taxes because it lacks the protection of the outer walls.

College of Harpers
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Contains an almost complete compilation of music representative of the nation.

Temple of Halea
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The High Order of the Silken Voice. Primarily meeting the needs of the upper class society.

Temple of Halea
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of the Silken Voice.

Temple of Halea
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of the Silken Voice.

Temple of Larani
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow, the city's police force based out of the southern quarter, with near complete authority in any matters of law. They are nearly above reproach.

Temple of Larani
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of The Lady of Paladins, the city's police force based out of the northern quarter.

Temple of Peoni
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of the Balm of Joy, the chaste female nunnery. No one is refused healing, but the "price" is still high.

Temple of Peoni
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Irreproachable Order, the celibate male monastary. Dedicated to healing and relieving of the suffering of the people.

Temple of Save-K'nor
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
The Order of the Lost Guide.

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
They handle all horse needs, shoeing, stabling, and trading.

Cloaks by Melf
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Clothier notorious for having magical claoks more often than his competitors.

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Gold and silver jewelry are a specialty.

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Thens Burlog is an excellent locksmith and has a reputation for fairness and honesty.

Public Baths
The baths cost 0.25d per visit. Separated by sexes, all are welcome to cleanse themselves any time of the day or night.

Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair

Wenches Rest Brothel
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Courtesans' services can be obtained here, The Temples of Halea donate monies to keep the brothel's standards up.

Dusty Cloak Tavern
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
A well loved, if somewhat seedy, tavern with average to good foods and strong drinks. Always seems to be a crowd, and nearly as often bar fights.

Misty Glenn Inn
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This inn tailors to the more wealthier clientele.

Wayside Inn
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This inn seems to have attracted the reputation of being a favorite adventure starting place. Many adventurer's are always plotting their travels.

Last Stand Saloon
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
Considered dangerous to most sane people, this saloon is a den of evil (or so they advertise).

Dragon's Perch Pub
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This pub is the only drinkery with a view of the scenic cliffs and even sports a balcony that hangs nearly fifteen feet over the edge itself. Throwing goblets of the cliff for luck is starting to become a tradition to some. Be forewarned, the management charges the customer for any lost glasses.

Genin's Clock Tower
This is without a doubt the oldest original (besides Caer Cherifar) still standing and in sound condition.

Forn's Lock-up
This is a reinforced psionic and magic proof prison for higher security prisoners.

Jamal's Java Joint
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This is smallish coffee joint right off Genin Square comes highly recommended by the locals.

Size:1-101=smallest 10=largest
Quality:* to *****+ ("*" the worst) ("*****" the best)
("+" means they may manufacture (possess) special items (magic or psionic))
Prices:Fair-50% listed price
Average-50%-100% listed price
High-75%-150% listed price
Extortion-150%+ listed price