Welcome to the City of Fallas

No one has made any official comments about this city [D4] thus far. If you have travelled through these environs, please let the chronicler know where you stayed and what you ate. Who knows, the inn-keeper may let you stay for free next time through.

The city of Fallas covers an area of approximately 420 acres, with a total population of 25 thousand people.

Bakers48Chandlers44Hay Merchants12Pastrycooks45Tailors51
Barbers 64Chicken Butchers23Illuminators3Plasterers 13Tanners12
Bathers 8Coopers 56Inns 14Pursemakers 30Taverns79
Beer-sellers 24Copyists 20Jewelers 59Roofers 19Watercarriers18
Blacksmiths 9Cutlers 13Locksmiths 15Ropemakers 15Weavers43
Bleachers 8Doctors 21Magic Shops 5Rugmakers 9Wine-sellers1
Bookbinders 12Fishmongers 20Maidservants157Saddlers 10Woodcarvers7
Booksellers 3Furriers 104Masons 42Scabbardmakers 35Woodsellers11
Buckle Makers12Glovemakers 9Mercers 36Sculptors 5
Butchers 15Harness-makers 5Old Clothes 101Shoemakers 89
Carpenters 51Hatmakers 28Painters 11Spice Merchants16

Other: The city has 102 noble houses. The peace is kept by 113 guardsmen, and there are 30 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 405 clergymen and 18 priests.