Welcome to the Town of Midea

No one has made any official comments about this town [D3] thus far. If you have travelled through these environs, please let the chronicler know where you stayed and what you ate. Who knows, the inn-keeper may let you stay for free next time through.

The town of Midea covers an area of approximately 72 acres, with a total population of 4371 people.

Bakers8Chandlers7Hay Merchants1Pastrycooks5Tailors10
Barbers 9Chicken Butchers5Illuminators1Plasterers 3Tanners1
Bathers 3Coopers 4Inns 3Pursemakers 2Taverns11
Beer-sellers 1Copyists 2Jewelers 6Roofers 3Watercarriers4
Blacksmiths 2Cutlers 2Locksmiths 2Ropemakers 2Weavers9
Bleachers 1Doctors 1Magic Shops 1Rugmakers 2Wine-sellers4
Bookbinders 1Fishmongers 2Maidservants12Saddlers 2Woodcarvers1
Booksellers 0Furriers 24Masons 10Scabbardmakers 7Woodsellers1
Buckle Makers3Glovemakers 2Mercers 6Sculptors 1
Butchers 4Harness-makers 3Old Clothes 16Shoemakers 17
Carpenters 5Hatmakers 6Painters 4Spice Merchants3

Other: The town has 13 noble houses. The peace is kept by 30 guardsmen, and there are 6 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 156 clergymen and 3 priests.