Welcome to the
Ruins of the Village of Teale

Little remains of the village of Teale [E2] now, since Judgement's arrival in 1073 SA. A weary band of adventurers loyal to the goddess Larani, entered this village one fateful night seeking solice from the night and rest from a long day of hunting vicious spell-casting zun. This band consisted of several devout Laranians, to include Shalifas and Tynian. Tynian had begun to doubt his faith and besought the goddess Larani to show him a better way to serve her and keep his faith strong. In answer to his prayer, his body was discovered in a small holy shrine petrified. Within his stoney grasp was his sword, that had mysteriously been unaffected by the transformation except that it seemed to light the entire structure.

Weilded by the elven Laranian priest Shalifas (aka Wadsworth), this weapon was taken into battle against the Agrikhan and the zun invaders. In response to this holy sending the Agrikhan Zun priests attacked and leveled the village to prove to the plate that Agrik was still more powerful, weapon or no.

Later, a band (that called themselves the Defenders of Teale) which included Withendail Moonshae (ranger/bard), Ox (warrior/thief), Sister Leann (archer/Larani priestess), Cooper (ranger/druid), Satia Charnox (Jenzig shek p'var), and Keran (warrior) was formed to avenge the wrongful destruction of the harmless hamlet. Few buildings still stand and visitors are cautioned to be wary of the numerous traps that the Defenders have laid for wandering zun.

Teale is now a site of religious pilgrimages. These treks often begin on foot in Cherifar and include several vague tests of piety.