Welcome to the Hamlet of Ty'karalis
as last visited by Thorolf Redbeard in 1073 SA

Ty'karalis [E4] is a small elven hamlet within the "zun lands". The day to day existence of its inhabitants is gathering food and deterring the zun from their goal of elven extermination. A small party happened upon this village and took pity upon its plight. An ambassadorship was established to provide the elves with dwarven steel to aid their fight in exchange for their extensive Zun knowledge. This small village has advanced Zun-warfare to a new level, to this end, most of the elven warriors are adept "blade song" specialists.

This hamlet of Tykaralis covers an area of approximately 2 acres, with a total population of 120 people.

Bakers0Chandlers0Hay Merchants0Pastrycooks0Tailors1
Barbers0Chicken Butchers0Illuminators0Plasterers0Tanners1
Bleachers0Doctors0Magic Shops0Rugmakers0Wine-sellers0
Buckle Makers0Glovemakers0Mercers0Sculptors0
Butchers0Harness-makers0Old Clothes0Shoemakers0
Carpenters0Hatmakers0Painters0Spice Merchants0

Other: The hamlet has no true crown-recognized noble houses, but is governed by a clan of elders. The peace is kept by 1 guardsmen (a bladsinger), and there are 0 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 2 clergymen and 0 priests.

Gilliam's Forge (Gilliam Trueleaf [E])
Size:2 Quality:*****+ Prices:Average to High
(elves & dwarves typically pay Average costs... outsiders pay more)
Most common dwarven and elven weapons are either on hand or can be acquired in 75% normal manufacturing time. Special orders take longer and will cost much much more that average possibly as high as 200-300%).

Recently built by the dwarves, prior to the Agreement of the Wooden Anvil, the elves retrieved their water from a nearby stream. This was poor military strategy, which was quickly corrected by siege-minded dwarves.

Elder's House (Trilan Lethwyn [E])
This large abode houses the entire household and advisors to the village elders and their extended family, houses about 20-25 elves

Ambassador's House (Thorgrim Brightsteel [D])
This modest Stone building, the only other stone building in the village after the forge, houses the dwarven ambassador from the Iron Tree Clan and his contingent and household. It is rumored to have extensive cellars and sub-basements stocked with the village militias arms & armor as well as food stuffs to last for months of a siege.

Tanner (Frodior [D] and Gisell [E])
The only interracial marriage of the dwarves and elves so far...

Dead Zun Skull Inn/Clan House (Thystle [1/2E])
Size:1 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This is the main building where audiences with the elders are held (primarily with the ambassador, the elves are not accustomed to meeting "indoors"). This building also doubles as a small inn when there are outside guests. The inn side is run by Thystle a 1/2 Elf that is supposedly a former lia-kavair from Cherifar that ran into a little trouble with the city guard. Here she has set up a very modest inn and trades in furs and other trapper needs. She doesn't tolerate anyone filching purses in her inn or harassing her guests. Fights must be taken outside, or it is said she has certain unknown item(s) that will forcefully take the fight elsewhere. Rumors have claimed it is to burial mounds site filled to overflowing with undead...)

Woodcarver (Halifaw [E])
Size:1 Quality:**** Prices:Average (for elven items)
Manufactures elven furniture by combining druidic and woodworking skills, this building houses Halifaw and his family and apprentices.

Clothier/Tailor (Cylen [E])
Size:1 Quality:*** Prices:Fair

Size:1-101=smallest 10=largest
Quality:* to *****+ ("*" the worst) ("*****" the best)
("+" indicates possible special/magic/psionic items)
Prices:Fair-50% listed price
Average-50%-100% listed price
High-75%-150% listed price
Extortion-150%+ listed price