The Assassin's Side
by Avathar Valcana

Not everything is one-sided:

I am the assassin known far and wide,
Know many a place that I can hide,
To elude a guard or an enemy close,
For I am swifter and cleverer than most;

I do not kill for gold alone,
Though more than I can count have been shown,
To kill a victim I need a reason,
Such as unfaithfulness or treason;

Where justice is very thin,
This is where the guild can step in,
To right a wrong for a cheap price,
Is like killing the cat for some mice;

I am the assassin in shadows deep,
To spy or guard you in your keep,
I guard from thieves your jewels or wife,
I may even protect your life;

We are not as bad as people see us,
Because we deal in death, they raise a fuss,
If I were to kill their vicious tyrant,
The leaders would not be so defiant;

I am well paid for the blood stains long,
For sending the wicked where they belong,
Would that I could make them good,
But alas, as reaper grim, I've so stood.