Career's End
by Avathar Valcana

A simple insight into the life and regrets of a romantic assassin:

My life was made of contracts unclean,
A smearer of blood to stain,
Few lovers unafraid of what they'd seen,
A thief half gone insane;

Two gold bags for an easy target,
I've warned they'll n'er be the same,
Days later and all is set,
Could never forget a name;

My life was made of killings unseen,
A dealer in death and pain,
All foes to kill, though most were mean,
I have killed for gold so vain;

No sorrow or grief for eyes to wet,
No pity I felt, just shame,
Collect gold from those in debt,
Little glory and no fame;

My life was made with daggers that gleamed,
Steel bladed gifts of my trade,
Avoided work if a trap it seemed,
Nervous and quick self made;

Assignments, I checked to find the next,
A green eyed thief with skin afair,
For hours I sat with muscles flexed,
Poised to kill in the autumn air;

My life was made of devils' dreams,
A sleeper trying to regain,
A love lost under bright moon's beams,
Where she left me hurt in pain;

Through windows dark, I studied her long,
Gold and work far from mind,
Watching, I wondered where I'd gone wrong,
One so fair could never find;

My life was made from a woman's screams,
Bringer of death and pain,
My life without her is worse than death seems,
Now this love will never wane;

Now I often lay back and just dream,
Of a life that could have been,
Just me and the thief with eyes of green,
Before my life of sin.