Ode to Creagan
by Sulcar the Sly "Basilisk"

Creagan touched many lives and I was no exception. I immortalized him in rhyme, just as he was immortal in life:

In the days when magic ruled,
and the gods were cruel;

Dragons stormed the plains,
and everyone endured their pains;

Until one man stood tall,
And refused to fall;

That man gave them hell,
And had rung the times golden bell;

His rage for power grew on,
Everyone, to him, was but a mere pawn;

He had a mighty empire,
Then he was turned into a vampire;

The cowardly fourth one fleed,
Then there was thought to be three;

To the land, he was a stranger,
But everyone knew he was a ranger;

The three fought in vain,
Though they too went insane;

People tried to destroy them,
But no one could finish them;

He'd 'oft say to do or die,
So, people formed groups to destroyed his troops nigh;

Some say they're still alive today,
But there just can be no way;

T'was the legends of Creagans I`m sad to say,
They will always live to fight another day.