Epitaph of Creagan
as quoted by Avathar Valcana

This is supposedly a translation of the actual epitaph Creagan the Destroyer, a mythical evil madman who had brought the world to it's knees many times only to be narrowly saved by a small band of freedom fighters:

For ages in my crypt I lie,
Controller of men yet to die,
Power to be rivalled by none,
On the day I return as one;

When land, sea, and stone are all rent,
And the spirit of man is bent,
A fighter for random beliefs,
Will brave the quakes and corral reefs;

To a land strange and long since gone,
To right for me an ancient wrong,
Destinies ruins he will search,
An evil place where ravens perch;

He is the one who has the skill,
To bring me back from cold nights chill,
Slayer of men, he conquers all,
Traps are gone as he heeds my call;

First as one, then as three I went,
A blessing in disguise Kos sent,
Evil unequalled in my time,
The deed must be done on fourth chime;

Insanity though some might say,
I will come forth in the next day,
Power over all will be mine,
A cloud of ebony is the sign;

Weep ye now, children of Feägurth,
I come in rain, storm, fire, and earth,
As four and one, you will greet me,
For the worlds ending you will see.