by Avathar Valcana

Here is a poem I wrote that expresses my love of exercising my mind:

Of lands the bold and brave dare,
Where the galleys and merchants fare,
Lies a land strangely free for all,
Where even an orc can stand tall;

A city with elves and dwarves alike,
With valleys of magick to hike,
Where god and man at once can dwell,
Sought by many a wishing well;

Is a tree of gold that sends good,
Never a taller plant has stood,
With princes and kings all around,
Where creatures of myth abound;

Life is enriched by a good thought,
Of battles won and battles fought,
A realm from which new life can spring,
Where jesters laugh as harpers sing;

Not of the earth, but of the mind,
Though tough for some, for all to find,
Imagination is the key,
That few will ever see.