Trapped by Destiny
by Avathar Valcana

Ever just feel trapped and can't seem to find your way out? That is what is poem is about:

Chamber after chamber I see,
I need a hall to be free,
From this decrepid palace of despair,
Filled with death and dust choked air;

Star and sky I seek to find,
Forever sorry I've left 'em behind,
Foul creatures of planes below,
Hunger for me, where 'er I go;

Sallied forth to find a tomb,
But instead, found my own doom,
Of death, I am now afraid,
For I know not where my soul will stay;

The days and nights are long since gone,
I pray I'll live to greet the dawn,
And be free of this wicked place,
N'er to see another devil's face.