Riddle of the Last Scroll
by Avathar Valcana

This lone scroll was found on a dungeoning expedition and though many interesting theories (even debates) have arisen, none have been proven thus far. Savoryans have deciphered the scroll as such:

Freeing my mind to realms unknown,

Creation new I may be shown,

Devoid of
all save some light discs,

Musings could be thy trail to whisk;

In space not bound with many laws,

Where arrows speed on without pause,

entry a fork is the tool,

To emerge from the silver pool;

e living circle must chorus all,

For radiance to heed thy call,

When ench
antments are left behind,

Thou art given a lustrous twine;

Measure is in the scale thy use,

A sharp tone wilt summon hues.