New Melderyn Shek P'var

Supplemental Defense Force
Hiring Policy

The greater walled cities of New Melderyn have adopted a novel approach to city defenses. The crown subsidizes a Defense Forces Fund that hires competent, professional, patriotic shek p'var to supplement the Royal Militia.

In the event of a siege upon the city, Savoryan Porters will transport the Defense Force shek p'vars to the city walls to deliver their pledged spells of mass destruction upon the enemy forces. After this spell barrage, the armies will move in and complete the job. Different cities hire different numbers of Defense Forces (Shezar, Tyhcuss, and Cherifar hiring the most).

The nation of New Melderyn will only hire trained, competent, trustworthy, and brave shek p'var of the following shek p'vars: Jenzig, Bal'cri, J'morvi, Kemen'ren, or Peleahn (in that order of preference).

Prospective shek p'var must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Jenzig, Bal'cri, J'morvi, Kemen'ren, or Peleahn
  2. Must be a minimum of Satia rank from their primary chantry
  3. Must possess a properly wizard marked Shenava recommendation from their primary chantry
  4. Must possess their own spellbook
  5. Must be a member of good standing with their primary guild
  6. Must not possess a criminal record of any kind
  7. Must provide 3 written testimonials from non-shek p'vars to the candidate's bravery.

Candidates hired meeting all the above requirements will be issued a Defense Forces Badge (to be worn and displayed in times of deployment). This badge will reflect the member's pledged spell commitment.

Members will be compensated for pledged spells. Pledged spells are the number of spells a shek p'var agrees to hold in reserve for city defenses. These spells will be compensated at a rate of 1 crown per month plus 100 dram per spell pledged above the minimum 3/2 requirement (3 Mass Destruction / 2 Personal Close Quarter spells). Defense Forces will receive payment at the end of each month regardless if the spells were used or not.

Members are granted 5 "free" days per month (to be coordinated in advance) in which they may not be able to fulfill their tasking. On days that the shek p'var intends to use his pledged spell points, be outside the city, research a spell, etc., he must use a "free" day.

Once per tenday, the member will be required to submit to the "gauge". The "gauge" is a device that will confirm that the shek p'var still retains sufficient spell points to fulfill their commitment. A shek p'var that fails to appear or does not have sufficient spell points will be fined one third of their month's wages.

Shek p'var who do not possess the committed spell points in the event of war are deemed to have committed and act of treason and is subject to the crown's punishment.