New Melderyni IRC Game Transcript
Campaign year 1075 SA

This is a transcript of one actual IRC gaming session. The session has been compacted and die rolls omitted to keep from embarassing the players unduely.

The Cast:

ArglorArglor is a 6' 1" elven fighter (by his looks) with a cloth wrapped around himself and a cloak flapping behind him. He stands with an air of dignity. His muscles glitter with sweat. He has black eyes and black hair. His two long swords are sheathed on his belt.
BzarHuman mage
HeinrichHeinrick is of moderate stature, pale face and soft spoken. His robes of black and grey are threadbare and tattered. The man seems to radiate indifference, uneasiness and softness all at once. His eyes are pale grey, dark and show no emotion. A large grey owl rides on his shoulder, its yellow eyes miss nothing.
LatrosLatros is a 5'11" man with dark hair and deeply tanned skin. A look of wariness bred of many nights on watch comes from his eyes. A bastard sword hangs from his waist, and a short sword is strapped to his back. He wears dusty clothes and a cloak dirty from caravan work.
MagnusQ(DM Comment: Get real. Just picture a god.)
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather is a golden-haired elf, but with broad shoulders and musculature that is the norm for members of his tribe. He wears an antelope-hide knee-length shirt, with black feathers sewn along the edges. A black hawk rides on his shoulder, and two ancient blades ride on his hips.
XeryexNone volunteered.

The Game:

DMSummary: The party has been hired for a heafty sum to stop a potential zun invasion. After departing the docks, the party found themselves upon a boat headed off to the supposed location of a zun camp. On the trip, the crew were drained of life and the party was teleported to shore to escape an ensorceled boat going who knows where. The great MagnusQ that teleported the party to shore died a rather grissly death as a blood vessel in his brain burst from Monty-ism...
ArglorArglor laughs.
DMThere are ash pits all along the shore (in the clearing). The pits are approximately 2 feet in diameter and free of other debris. The pits appear to be roughly 10 feet apart in both directions along the shore. There is a forest approximately 200 feet from the shore. What do you do now?
HeinrickHeinrick walks to one of the ash pits and holds his hand over it, guaging its heat and thusly how old it is.
DMNo heat. Somehow, they don't look like old campfires.
ArglorArglor scans the outlaying area (also looking at his party members).
Heinrich"These pits are over a day old, the orc kin has deserted the place."
AnglorArglor scans the ground for any trace of footprints.
Bzar(I'll just use Bzar and try to hide behind my bigger, better friends. Try not to kill me. :) )
HeinrichHeinrick digs through the ashes with the end of the staff, "These are rather large for camp fires."
DMThese "ash-pits" are in a line along the shore as far as you can see in both directions. No discernible footprints, other than the party's.
Latros"Perhaps we should head inland and head for a city"
AnglorArglor looks to Heinrick.. "What do you make of these.. ash-pits?"
Heinrick"Bzar, do you think they have religous significance, or are they for signalling?"
DMBy the way, you are deep in zun-held territories.
Arglor"They almost looks like a signalling or a warning for people out at sea."
DMTo reach a city, you would need a boat such as the one that was just abandoned and burned.
ArglorArglor turns to the woods.
DMArglor feels like he is being watched.
Heinrick"Well, we'd better get looking."
Latros"We should move."
ArglorArglor walks toward the forest.. having his eyes scan the area ahead..
DMIt is about 4 pm and the woods are a little dark, but not unduely so.
HeinrickHeinrick follows Arglor.
LatrosLatros follows Arglor, his hand staying on his sword.
BzarBzar follows behind the group.
ArglorArglor moves into the forest.
BzarBzar follows.
DMIs everyone going into the woods?
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather is probably already there.
BzarBzar is following as quietly as he can behind him.
HeinrickHeinrick follows the group into the woods.
LatrosLatros walks into the woods.
DMThe woods seem eerie somehow. Evil?
Bzar(Cool, just my style)
LatrosLatros is in the woods behind Arglor.
HeinrickHeinrick is walking behind Arglor.
BzarBzar is behind everyone in the back.
HeinrickHeinrick is walking between Arglor and Latros, scanning the dark woods.
ArglorArglor keeps his eyes scanning the woods.
DMBzar- You feel a sharp pain in your back!
BzarBzar yells, Quot;Ack! I've been hit!!"
HeinrickHeinrick spins and crouches behind a log, "Whats going on?"
LatrosLatros spins and draws his sword.
ArglorArglor spins snaping out his long swords and looking to the back of the group to see what the loudness is..
BzarBzar falls to the ground.
HeinrickHeinrick looks hard at the woods behind them.
DMHeinrick sees no one.
Bzar"I've been poisoned! Take the dart or whatever it is out of my back!!"
ArglorArglor runs up and kneels down where Bzar is lying.
HeinrickHeinrick crawls back into the bushes and stops where he is closet to Bzar.
LatrosLatros looks at Bzar.
Heinrick"How bad is it?"
AnglorAnglor shrugs.
Bzar"I don't know! Just get it out! it hurts!"
ArglorArglor looks around, looking for who did it.
BzarBzar attempts to pull it out.
DMNo problem. You get the dripping dart out.
BzarBzar throws it on the ground and gets up, "That hurt!!"
HeinrickHeinrick pulls Bzar into the bushes and begins to tend to the poisoned wound.
Bzar"Thanks Heinrick!!"
HeinrickHeinrick is adminisering to Bzar's wound.
Bzar"Thanks again, Heinrick!!"
HeinrickHeinrick cuts the wound deeper and begins to let poisoned blood leak out.
ArglorArglor looks to where the dart had come from.. bringing his long swords close to his body..
Heinrich"Hold still, this'll hurt."
BzarBzar cringes in pain.
ArglorArglor looks to where the dart had come from.. bringing his long swords close to his body..
DMArglor sees no one.
ArglorArglor jumps behind a tree, if he can.
DMArglor is behind a tree. Rial Darkfeather has the next action.
Bzar"Does anyone have a blank pellsheet?"
DMRial Darkfeather, you saw what happened, but not where the dart came from. You are just coming upon the party.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather looks and sees the strangers in the woods underfire, and whispers "Sshh... I'm a friend... I will circle around and find out who is attacking you."
ArglorArglor begins to mutter to himself.
Rial DarkfeatherI cast Invisability upon myself and use the Ring of Telekinesis to move silently around to the direction where the shot was fired.
HeinrickHeinrick curses and waves him on.
DMA mysterious cheer arises from the air around you all.
DMDarts rain down from all directions. Arglor is struck by a dart. Arglor fails his save miserably and drops to the ground.
BzarBzar goes over to Arglor and pulls the dart out immediately.
DMRial Darkfeather sees the dart come from nowhere.
BzarBzar then tries to bleed the poisons out.
DMDarts rain in from everywhere.
Rial DarkfeatherRialDarkfeather utters a phrase and points, as thick, rubbery strands of webbing cover the whole area where the dart was launched from.
DMDarts seemed to originate from mid air.
ArglorArglor lets out a moan.. and then looks to the dart.. cursing silently.
HeinrickHeinrick pulls a shard of a tortoise shell out of his robe and begins to wave his hands and chant...
DMFor all: The darts appear to be originating from mid air, but they appear to originate from 3 separate locations as if coming through some invisible door. Rial Darkfeather cast a web spell blocking one of the "doors".
Rial Darkfeather"One down, two to go..."
BzarI hide behind a tree, trying to avoid all spots they fired from.
DMThat is, the other two spots, right?
DMTwo darts hit Rial Darkfeather. The poison doesn't seem to affect you (this time). The darts came from one "window".
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather grunts as one dart grazes his arm, but no poison gets into his system.
BzarBzar stays where he is, behind the tree.
DMThe "webbed" window bursts into flames. Out of the other 2 windows come 2 large orcs (1 from each window).
BzarBzar gets out his blowgun and loads a dart.
ArglorArglor jumps out from the shadows.. slashing three times at an orc.
DMThe orc drops from the two deft blows from Arglor.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather points to the other orc and mutters a snatch of a song.
BzarBzar readys his blowgun.
ArglorArglor grins as his long sword sinks into the orc every slash.. cutting a wide swash into his upper chest.. and then into his stomach area.. and then once into an upper left right diagonal.. each time the orc wails in surprise.. untill he hits thr ground not breathing.. Arglor retracts and looks to the corpse.. and smiles.
HeinrickHeinrick notices a spider in the braches above him, he appolzises to to it as he pulls down the strands and begins to chant, aiming to engulf the clossest orc and the window it came through in strong strands of spider web, like Rial had done with the first.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather mutters to the others "These are not average orcs, my friends..."
DMThe remaining orc is trapped in webs.
HeinrickHeinrick frowns, "I've noticed friend!"
Rial Darkfeather"It resisted my song of slumber, which weaker minds usualy succumb to."
Arglor"Whatever manner of creature these are, they aren't friendly. So save the chat.. and work on making corpses of them.."
HeinrickHeinrick grabs a stick that had be lighted by the original window's expoding and lights the second web on fire.
ArglorArglor spins around.. slashing towards the next orc..
DMThe orc drops.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather points to the third portal, the one that he webbed before and they burned through, and mutters a piece of a haunting melody.
DMThe web bursts into flames, but the orc is unfazed.
HeinrickHeinrick curses in astonishment and stumbles back under cover.
ArglorArglor curses and does a back flip.. landing on his feet.. staring into the eyes of an orc-kin.. and begins cursing.. and readies his longswords for another go. Arglor watches as the orc stares into his eyes.. and then suddenly lets out a small gurgle.. falling to the ground. Arglor looks to the orc in astonishment.. but shakes it off.. turning toward the window.
DM3 vials fly from the portals..
BzarBzar dives for cover!!!!!
DM2 from the (as yet unwebed one) and 1 from the (first webed one). The vials break upon striking a surface (a tree, a rock, and the ground). The entire area is bathed in flames.
ArglorArglor curses!! Man, just my luck. I just had to get hit by one. I passed all but the last one. Arglor does two back flips.. then lands in the explosion of the last. Arglor hits the ground.. and doesn't move.
DMThe whole area smells of napalm.
Rial Darkfeather(Nasty)
BzarBzar looks up.
HeinrickHeinrick runs and dives out of the way of all. Heinrick lands on the ground past the flames and is still.
DMArglor and Heinrick are down. The mages deduce that the orcs are in rope trick spells. That could mean as many as 18 (-2 dead) orcs.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather charges into one of the portals, blades at the ready.
Bzar"Oh no.." Sigh.
BzarBzar charges the portal, slashing all the way.
DMBzar drops from wounds suffered, Rial Darkfeather is alone. Do you press forward or aid your companions?
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather chants for a moment.
XeryexI tend to the wounds of the group.
DM1 person per round and who do you start with?
XeryexArglor. Wait. Heinrick. I start with Heinrick.
ArglorArglor stands weakly.
Rial DarkfeatherThe area the party lies in is suddenly covered with what appears to be darkness, but from the outside it looks like a huge boulder.
ArglorArglor shakes his head.
Rial Darkfeather"Shh!", Rial whispers quietly "Make no noise... we are disguised by an illusion..."
ArglorArglor brings his gaze up to Rial's. Arglor 's eyes narrow.
Rial Darkfeather"I will bring the fight to the enemy in a moment, but I wanted to ensure your safety first."
ArglorArglor shrugs and sits down silently.. meditating.. Arglor whispers very low.. so only Rial can hear.
Rial DarkfeatherRial looks to the newcomer, "You watch over these people while I'm gone, alright?"
ArglorArglor closes his eyes.
DMOne BIG orc steps into the darkness.
ArglorArglor suddenly begins to drift off.. then his eyes open.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather attacks.
HeinrickHeinrick wakes up and winces at his burns and notices Xeryex "Who are you?", nods his thanks and lets his head fall back to the ground and promptly passes out again.
Rial DarkfeatherRial Darkfeather attacks.
ArglorArglor jumps up.. drawing his long swords with expert style and presision..