Feägurth's Most Wanted

WANTEDA knight noble of Thalspar, one Storm Gildron, one human Larani impostor with brown hair and of medium build, and scarred dwarf for questioning in connection with a multiple homicide and the arson of "The Laughing Jackal Inn" near Velsha. More details forthcoming pending a post-mortem interrogation.
INFOThe royal blue diamond was stolen enroute to an exhibition in Thalspar. The thieves are also wanted for the wanton murder of the entire caravan. A reward of 5 crown will be given to any citizen whose information leads to the capture of the perpetrators and a bounty of 20 crowns has been set in place for their capture.
There was a jail break in the peaceful town of Fallas. Through divine guidance, the local Larani recaptured all the prisoners shortly before noon the following day. Anyone with information as to the mastermind behind this is asked to contact the Fallas Order of Hyvrik as soon as possible.