Common Feägurthian Terms

The following list of terms apply to the inhabitants of the plateau nation of New Melderyn. These terms may seem to be in conflict with established Hârn definitions, but these are current and correct as applicable to the inhabitants of Feägurth.


Agrik the Feägurthian god of war, destruction, and fire.
Ak-syt the "Torture Chamber of the Gods", a domain of Agrik where he practices the 10,000 ways on hapless & unlamented dead.
Angcaradina the goddess Larani's legendary blood-red mail.
Aperhanar the Master of Low Discipline of an Agrikhan order, usually in charge of novice instruction.
Apervisha the Master of Maintenance of an Agrikhan order, usually in change of overall temple upkeep.
Araka-kalai the "Pits of Ilvir" or "Ilvir's Shaft", the foul smelling abode of Ilvir where he spawns his fatherless multitudes (reputed to be somewhere in Kelestia).
asiri any of a variety of a minor ethereal spirit entities, whose elemental base is air. They possess a wide range of minor powers and can be mischievous or downright troublesome.
Avarkiel the legendary sword of the goddess Larani, also known as the "Herald of the End of Life" and "Oathbinder".
Azure Bowl the mystical symbol of the god Siem. It is legend that the stars in the sky spilled forth from the bowl, and that visions might be viewed from within.

Bal'cri a fire elementalist, a shek p'var who specializes in fire based spells.
Balgashang the legendary fortress home of the god Agrik.
"barrier" zone the invisible, intangible, ambiguous area that surrounds the fringes of the plate that causes all(?) sentient creatures to lapse into a coma while exposed.
Blessed Realm the home (& afterlife home to elves and dwarves) of Siem. The true name for this realm is unknown.

caer a castle, usually consisting of an enclosed stone wall and a central keep.
creagan an evil or malicious elemental being (usually summoned for retribution). Less common, a mythical being (beings) sometimes reverred as a god or demon-lord.
crown the gold crown is a 1 ounce coin roughly equivalent to 320 dram. It is only minted in Cherifar.

Dolithor the legendary castle home of the goddess Larani, located in the "Land of the Mighty" (the heaven of her followers).
dram the most common coin, a silver penny, which is cut into two or four parts for smaller denominations, is only minted in Cherifar.

earthmasters the name used to describe the first inhabitants of Hârn, who are most noted for the nearly indestructible "stone" structures that they left behind.
elkyri Sarajin's wives and helpmates, recruited from slain mortal women.
elmithri a species of water-dwelling mischievous sprite that possesses various powers of enchantment.
ember a small group of Jenzig (four or less) satia travelling on a mission of the shek p'var, often to redirect a Jenzig that has strayed from the chantry's edicts.

Fakang the great double-bladed battle-ax of the god Sarajin.
flame an indefinite number (usually 7) of Jenzig shenava travelling on a mission of the shek p'var, often to hunt down a renegade that has betrayed the chantry in some manner.
Fyvorian an enchanter, a shek p'var who specializes in enchantment and charm spells (spells that give magical powers to things or unduly influence living beings).

gargun the Feägurthian orc.
Gul'ren a water elementalist, a shek p'var who specializes in water based spells.

Halea the Feägurthian goddess of pleasure, hedonism, flattery, bargains, and lust.
haragki a knighted soldier of an Agrikhan fighting order.
huscarls an elite Ivinian clan warrior, the backbone of a clan's militia.
hyped a slang term for an Jenzig spell disease; characterized by the inability to refrain from casting invocation/evocation spells because of the euphoric feeling derived, often accompanied by a craving for something normally sickening to the person inflicted.

Ilvir the Feägurthian god of individuality, mutability, and change.
Ivashu the "enchanted" creatures created by the god Ilvir. They are often hunted by Agrikhan followers for their barbaric Pamesani games.
Ivinian a synonym for Sarajinian, a follower of Sarajin and/or the Ljarl.

Jarin a term, most often used by elves & dwarves, for humans.
Jenzig an invoker, a shek p'var who specializes in invocation and evocation spells (spells that channel magic energy, usually for destructive ends).
J'morvi a conjurer, a shek p'var who specializes in conjuration and summoning spells (spells that bring creatures/items to the caster or channel extraplanar energies through himself).

Kelestia the name for all that is; the universe.
Kemen'ren an earth elementalist, a shek p'var who specializes in earth based spells.
Khuzdul the name for dwarves of New Melderyn. All dwarves refer to themselves as khuzdul and not dwarves (they find this term derogatory).
K'tykas a wild mage, a shek p'var who specializes in wild (and largely uncontrolled) magic spells.

Lahr-darin the mythical lost "city" of the earthmasters believed to house all manner of wonders, but the savoryans cannot even agree amongst themselves where this myth originated.
Larani the Feägurthian goddess of chivalry, honor, justice, protection, and bravery, also a slang term for the city guard.
laumak a common foot soldier of an Agrikhan fighting order.
laurenjem any gem that is capable of psionicly storing mental energy, some possess latent psionic powers.
Lia-kavair the "thieves' guild, though it is not an official guild, it nonetheless controls much of the underground illicit activities.
Ljarl the code of conduct that followers of Sarajin structure their lives around.
Lyahvi an illusionist, a shek p'var who specializes in illusion and phantasm spells (illusions are typically images, sounds, & smells, while phantasms are taste & tactile based).

mangai the joint association of New Melderyni guilds, whose primary function is to regulate guilds, settle disputes, and recommend changes.
mavari a student in a specific field of arcane lore, but not necessarily a mage.
Morgath the Feägurthian god of chaos, evil, undead, and vengeance.

Naveh the Feägurthian god of nightmares, darkness, thieves, and assassins.

Odivshe a necromancer, a shek p'var who specializes in necromancy spells (spells that deal with the dead).

Pamesani a "underground" game of all manner of deprived combat, often involving beasts and/or ivashu.
Peleahn an abjurer, a shek p'var who specializes in abjuration spells (spells that deal in protections).
Penultimate Tome the mythical book said to contain the secrets of the earthmaster, but since no evidence of earthmaster writings has ever been found many doubt the book's existance.
Peoni the Feägurthian goddess of healing, marriage, mercy, forgiveness, and cures.
plate a slang term for the plateau.
pradeyalkri one of semi-divine entities that Sarajin had to subjugate before achieving godhood.



Sarajin the Feägurthian god of battlelust, fearlessness, bravado, and the "sport" of war.
SAJE the foremost Jenzig school of spell casting (Spell Advancement through Jenzig Education), pronounced sage.
satia a journeyman in a specific field of arcane lore, but not necessarily a mage.
Save K'nor the Feägurthian god of guidance, knowledge, education, legends, and information .
Savoryan priests of the Feägurthian god of knowledge Save K'nor or a shek p'var that studies in psionic abilities and/or knowledge through divination (spells that discover unknown knowledge).
shek p'var a sorcerer's guild, or less commonly a practitioner in the esoteric arts of the arcane lore, a mage or specialist.
Siem the Feägurthian god of outdoors, illusion, dwarves, and elves.
Sindarin the elves of New Melderyn.
smoke a slang term Jenzig use for casting an invocation/evocation spell.
Sul'cri an air elementalist, shek p'var who specializes in air based spells.

table a somewhat lesser used slang term for the plateau.
Talagaad the mythical(?) ice-castle home of the god Sarajin.
Tazmut a transmuter, a shek p'var who specializes in alteration spells (spells that cause a change in existing things).
thran a large fortified Sarajinian settlement.
thranaal the dominion of a Sarajinian great clan.
thrangaad the council of elders of a Sarajinian clan. Membership is restricted to men with three or more wives. The thrangaad elects the valhakar.

Ulahnkh an Agrikhan "free priest"approximately that of an Aperani (a temple master).

valhakar the elected leader of a Sarajinian clan.
V'hir a bat-winged, cloven-hooved, fire-enshrouded servant of Agrik; a demon.
virana a doctor in a specific field of the arcane lore, but not necessarily a mage.

wergild the gold paid to the family of a slain clansman, who was murder (that is, not slain in combat.
wyrdsmaan the Ivinian clan's interpreter of the Ljarl, a wise man.



zerlag a Zun spellcaster, especially an Odivshe Zun.
ze-zun a "once-zun", the name given to any creature most often zun (orcs) and orc-kind (such as kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins) that have been captured in combat and have been transmuted into a new sexless non-violent race to aid the nation.
zun a slang term for gargun (orcs) and orc-kind (such as kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins) or possibly, for the truely ignorant commoner, even ogres.