The Feägurth AD&D Awards

"I have gamed since 1979ish (Click here for the boring details). These people have been generally regarded by their peers as most deserving of the awards/disdain heaped upon their characters.

"Best Character Lost For No Reason": Withendail Moonshae (Tim Meadows)

"Best Trickster": Rana Manelmacar (Paul Rossman)

"Character Most Deserving of Shenava Ranking": Satia Charnox (Alex Scoble)

"Most Betrayed Character": Sulcar the Sly (Dan Kile)

"Most Changed Character (Evil to Good)": Kas Carriages to Giltur the Gallant (Dan Kile)

"Most Consecutive Bad Character Names": Jeff Evans

"Most Messed with By a Magic Blade": Kas Carriages (Dan Kile)"

"Most Pedictable Warrior-type": Ox (Tim Meadows)"

"Most Willing to Take the Chance": Dan Kile

"Villian Most Deserving of His Final Death": Creagan (Ron Kile)