Player Character - Kits


Kits must be used as they are meant. Single-class kits may only be used with single class PCs, multi-class kits with multi-class PCs, racial kits with corresponding race, etc. New class kits may be designed by the player's at the DM's discretion (original ideas are always welcome). Some examples of custom kits are listed below (and are available to new PCs), as well as some of the classics.

The kit concept is meant to enhance the role playing experience and not to give free powers. All aspects of the kit must be taken into account by the PC, because most kits are permanent for the life of the character.



Amazon- Woman-dominated priesthood.
Barbarian/Berserker- Priests that are halfway between civilised and savage.
Fighting-Monk- Priesthood devoted to the various fighting-styles, especially the martial arts.
Nobleman- Priest of noble blood that maintains his views of superiority.
Outlaw- A priest that does not serve in the standard way due to a religious difference.
Pacifist- Priest that believes in peace at all costs, and without the use of violence.
Peasant- Priest that champions the common man and his beliefs.
Prophet- A priest that receives signs and dreams fortelling the future.
Savage- Priest of a tribe that is nearly completely devoid of technology and civilised culture.
Scholar- Priest that lives for research.



Beastmaster- a ranger with a natural affinity for animals.
Explorer- a nomadic ranger.
Falconer- a ranger with a special affinity for birds of prey.
Feralan- a child raised by animals in the forest.
Forest Runner- rangers that oppose unjust rulers and greedy aristocrats.
Giant Killer- rangers who make it their life mission to hunting and destroying giants..
Greenwood Ranger- a ranger who tends to have much more affinity to the plants in his terrain than people.
Guardian- a self-appointed protector of the wilderness.
Justifier- a master tactician and versitile wilderness warrior.
Mountain Man- a reclusive solitary ranger.
Pathfinder- a ranger with an uncanny knack for blaizing trails through uncharted territories.
Sea Ranger- a ranger who makes his home on the seas.
Seeker- a ranger that seeks inner enlightenment and spiritual awareness.
Stalker- an information gathering ranger.
Warden- rangers that keep watch over a noble's lands.


Acrobat- A performer more closely associated with bards.
Adventurer- The jock-of-all trades and master of none thief.
Assassin- a hired killer who is adept at poisons.
Bandit- Hiwaymen, the scourge of the roads and trails.
Beggar- A thief who uses the art of begging to ply his trade.
Bounty Hunter- A rogue that searches out others for a price.
Buccaneer- Thieves of the high seas, or pirate if you prefer.
Burglar- Thieving from homes and businesses.
Cutpurse- This thief is a pick pocket master.
Fence- The thief that others come to in order to sell their bounty.
Investigator- These thieves enforce laws and trap criminals by knowing their patterns.
Scout- A wilderness thief that usually checks out the path before the party.
Smuggler- Specialises in moving illegal goods or people from one location to another.
Spy- A thief who is a master of gathering information.
Swashbuckler- A thief who is suave and slick with the sword and the women.
Swindler- This thief is a con-artist.
Thug- A violent thief that practices the art of bullying.
Troubleshooter- Thief who uses his powers to help people protect themselves.


Amazon- Women-dominated warriors.
Barbarian- Fighters partway between civilised and savage.
Beast-Rider- A fighter that is a specialist at riding/mastering a certain type of beast.
Berserker- An uncontrollable unpredictable savatge-like warrior.
Cloak Fighter- A warrior that carries very little and spins using their cloak as a weapon.
Cavalier- The ultimate mounted warrior.
Gladiator- Showman warrior used to practicing in public.
Myrmidon- The ultimate soldier, complete devotion to the military lifestyle.
Noble Warrior- Warrior of noble birth that believes in everything the ruling class stands for.
Peasant Hero- A fighter to champion the common man's causes.
Pirate/Outlaw- A warrior that makes his own laws and does things his way.
Samurai- A warrior with a very strict code of honor and behavior.
Savage- A tribal warrior that is technilogically and socially primitive.
Swashbuckler- A light armored, witty, suave, sophisticated city-based fighter.
Wilderness Warrior- Usually a hero for some civilization living in a dangerous, threatening or unusual territory.


Academician- A mage primarily interested in knowledge gained through research.
Amazon Sorceress- Women based mage that believes in women dominance.
Anagakok- A primitive tribal wizard.
Demonologist -J'morvi kit that derives power from extradimensional entities/planes.
Militant Wizard- A mage both skilled in magic and military arts.
Mystic- A mage mostly interested in self-enlightenment.
Patrician- A wizard of noble birth that believes his privileges are the most important.
Peasant Wizard- A mage of modest means that makes himself a hero to the masses of comman man.
Savage Wizard- A wizard from a remote tribe isolated from technology and civilization.
Witch- A mage whose powers are of extraplanr origin.
Wu Jen- An oriental wizard.



Forge Lighter -a dwarven fighter/priest kit to protect/recover Dwarven homelands.


Herbalist- priest kit with an affinity for natural cures also.
Archer- an elven warrior kit that is very skilled with a bow.
Wilderness Runner (Warrior)- a solitary ranger-like elf kit.
Windrider (Warrior)- an elven arial mounted cavalry kit.
Elven Mintrel (Mage/Rogue)- the elven bard.
Spellfilcher (Mage/Rogue)- a mage/thief who is very adept at stealing spells from other mages.
Bladesinger (Warrior/Mage)- Fighters who are master of simultaneous weapon and spell use.
War Wizard (Warrior/Mage)- A fighter/mage who devotes his life to fighting those that would harm the elvenkind.
Huntsman (Warrior/Rogue)- very similar to a bounty hunter.
Collector (Warrior/Mage/Rogue)- Someone who spends his time recovering magic items and returning them to felllow elves.
Undead Slayer (Any)- Elves who are dedicated to destroying undead of all kinds.

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