The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The K'tykas

Shek p'var who specialize in natural chaotic wild magical forces have named themselves K'tykas (after the pioneer shek p'var who first discovered wild magic). These shek p'var seem irresistibly drawn to the utter randomness and uncertainty of these forces. K'tykas shek p'vars seek to incorporate wild magic into their spells by combining traditional magic with new theories of random magic, throwing in a dose of their own chaotic natures as an extra measure.

This shek p'var is named for the mage noted for his research into this new field and many of the current wild magic spells he helped develop. Some of his theories still confound other K'tykas shek p'var. One of his beliefs was that his did not create, discover, or develop wild magic, but instead rediscovered it. It is said that K'tykas had no shek p'var title, because his work was wholey scoffed at during his early life. Some still scoff at his achievements because of the fact that he vanished after a particularly nasty wild surge some where within Cherifar. Members of his shek p'var have granted him the post-humous title of Shenava (since only the Master of Escoteric Arts may hold the title of Virana), but revere him as a Virana. Wild magic is so different from the traditional magical theories of pvarism that only those solely devoted to its study may sufficiently understand it to cast wild magic dweomers; no other shek p'var may successfully cast the spells of wild magic.

On occasion, any spell can have a unpredicted result, including backfiring or creating an entirely different effect from what was desired. More commonly, the magnitude of a spell- range, duration, area of effect, or even damage- may fluctuate from casting to casting. Spells cast by K'tykas are inherently unpredictable and most K'tykas are resolved to accept the outcome regardless of it's effects.

K'tykas shek p'vars may join any schools of magic as their spells come from all the standard spell schools. Just as other shek p'var, K'tykas may belong to multiple schools, though they must keep in mind that some schools such as the Jenzig allow their brethren to belong to no other school.

As with all mages of New Melderyn, K'tykas shek p'var suffer certain drawbacks to their spell casting. Their deficiency is simply their wild surges that can sometimes be fatal to themselves or others around them.

Note: Not all K'tykas are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

K'tykas Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only K'tykas may legally know and cast. Due to the inherent differences in magic styles, non-K'tykas shek p'var cannot understand the intricasies of wild magic. To mages outside this shek p'var, wild magic incantations are utter non-sense and merit no study because they simply cannot work. Even though K'tykas spells are protected by Petition 179, no one to date has ever been accused, tried, or convicted of this crime against this shek p'var.

1st Level

Hornung's Guess/DIVPatternweave/DIV
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer/INV

2nd Level

Chaos Shield/ABJNahal's Nonsensical Nullifier/ABJ
Hornung's Baneful Deflector/EVOWild Bolt/EVO

3rd Level

Alternate Reality/ALTFireflow/ALT
Auvarin's Wild Magic Manipulation/EVOFool's Speech/ALT

4th Level

There/Not There/EVOWild Dweomer/ENC

5th Level


6th Level


7th Level

Hornung's Surge Selector/ALTSpell Shape/ALT

8th Level

Hornung's Random Dispatcher/ABJWildzone/SUM

9th Level