Feägurthian Personas

Charnox A powerful elven Jenzig Satia that strongly feels he would be a shenava by now if it weren't for the fact that he is an elf. He shows very little regard for the woodlands and nature in general that might otherwise be expected from a woodland being. His aloof attitude and eagerness to chuck explosive spells at anything that moves makes him the epitame of a Jenzig shek p'var. He also is rumored to have a reputation of reneging on verbal contracts. He as an original member of the Defenders of Teale.

Cooper He is the younger brother to Leann and also a founding member of the Defenders of Teale. He now maintains a grove near to Teale to provide near total surveillence of the ruins. His grove provides weary wilderness adventurers a safe haven from the zun hordes.

Curan, Dagare
aka Moonhunter
A Sergeant of the Low Guard of the Capital City of Cherifar. He is known to be a master interrogator as well as a master tracker. Those under his command swear that he can find anyone anywhere on the plate (and further claim that he has proven it on many occasion). He has a habit of searching too hard for corruption close to the crown. He is also rumored to have the ear (and bed?) of the queen, but this is unconfirmed.

Densia, Tremen An rich and powerful exotic spice merchant, who is said to either own or have a hand in nearly every successful trade on the plate. His constant worry is that his two sons (who are magical opposites) will come to harm at each other's hands.

Leann Sister Leann of Larani was the moral leader of the Defenders of Teale, a small band of adventurers dedicated to avenging the misjustice done in Teale. She was a crack archer and still strives to get the bow recognized as an accepted weapon by her fellow Laranians. Some steadfast Laranians counter by saying that her bow teachings go against the Laranian chivalry code of justice.

Melfange One of many Shenava of the Cherifar Jenzig chantry SAJE. He has a decidedly aloof and indifferent attitude with his pupils, but is generally considered an expert in his field. His students boast that they have seen him throw a fireball with an eliptical explosive radius, but this is of course impossible.

Redbeard, Thorolf A true dwarven hero, unafraid of battle (and often seeking it out) and often exaggerating those that did occur (Read my tales now). Rumor has it that he is one a personal quest for the Healing Hand of Hardess, which is regarded by some as nothing more than a legend.

Suave, Rico A wealthy roguish half-elven playboy who enjoys womanizing, gambling, and adventure, but not necessarily in that order. He is generally regarded as a true die-hard friend, who will never let a friend down. His carousing has given him friends and associates throughout the plateau.

Talon, Valerian A heralded hero of Tykaralis, noble son, and a known Bladesinger of some merit. He has expensive tastes and likes to travel in style to rival most Jenzigs.

Tovin, Flayh The New Melderyni master of the Esoteric Arts since 968 SA. He has ultimate authority over all New Melderyni shek p'var, though he rarely exercises his rights. Some muse that he is not a mage at all, and therefore, should not hold such a position.

Valmir, Jooms Jooms had a tragic childhood. This event changed his whole life. His early years thereafter were spent learning to fight daemons. He was a feared swordsman, but became convinced that the only true way to battle the daemons was through spellcraft. To this end, he devised his own version of J'morvi-ism.