The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Savoryan

Savoryan tend to be more bookish and introspective than the other magical brethren. The gathering of knowledge is very important and many who dabble heavily in divination magicks as active adventurers settle down and become sages later in life.

While Peleahns might flee a conflict, Savoryans would prefer to ignore it entirely, and seek to use their spells to gather information to help them in that course. Careful planning is the watchword of most Savoryans, as those with impatient minds and itchy spell fingers are usually pointed toward the Jenzig or J'morvi as a magical school.

Savoryans are careful, almost plodding. Correct wording and literalness are the watchword of the diving class, and detection is their business. As a school they suffer in comparison with other schools, and that lesser divination spells are available to all mages, regardless of class. This seems to create an inferiority complex among diviners who seek to prove their worth over their more flashy brethren. Of course, this makes them even more careful, literal, and plodding. Since the fall from favor of the Tazmut, the Savoryans have risen in royal favor and are now respected advisors of royalty.

Savoryans tend to wear modest clothing of severe cut and style. Hair is almost always kept back out of the face, and there is a minimum of loose ends about them. They tend to haunt libraries and other places of learning.

Because of the Savoryans mystical link with spirits, deities, and the like once a month a Savoryan must make a save versus fear or suffer a spell check penalty for the entire next day. The penalty is -1 per 3 levels the Savoryan has gained.

Note: Not all Savoryans are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Savoryan Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Jenzig may legally know and cast. New spells created in the invocation/evocation arena become providence of the Jenzig by Petition 179 (explained above). Also, spells that also belong to other shek p'vars cannot be closed, the only exception to this is Odivshe spells (because their chantries are outlawed).

1st Level

AlarmDetect Transport Lockout
Anguishing HandsDetect Transport Trace
Demonic SightDetect Undead/NEC
Detect DiseaseDivine Mystic Signature
Detect DivinationsDivining Rod/ENC
Detect LifeIdentify
Detect MagicKnow School
Detect PsionicsRary's Empathic Perception
Detect Recent TransportRead Magic

2nd Level

Call FamiliarLocate Object
Death Recall/NECLocate Portal
Detect EvilMemory Trap
Detect InvisibilityPast Life
Detect PoisonRary's Aptitude Appropriator/ALT
ESPSee Psychic Residue
Identify ProtectionsSpeak With Dead/NEC
Know AlignmentTransport Trace

3rd Level

Alamir's Fundamental BreakdownFind Traps
Anguish BallIdentify Spell
ClairaudienceIsolde's Answer
ClairvoyanceNystul's Golden Revelation
Detect CharmPain Touch/SUM
DivinationwardWizard Sight
Divine Path

4th Level

Detect ScryingPsionic Tracer
Divination TraceRary's Mind Scan
Locate CreatureTulrun's Tracer

5th Level

Contact Other PlaneManor's Mindsight
False VisionRary's Replay of the Past
Khazid's Procurement/SUMRary's Telepathic Bond/ALT
Know ValueZyna's Tap

6th Level

Legend LoreTrue Seeing
Rary's Protection from Scrying/ABJ

7th Level

DiscernRary's Plane Truth
Find the PathStone Tell
Manor's Mind VisionVision

8th Level


9th Level