The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Odivshe

Odivshe attract two groups of individuals. The first and smaller group contains those who have a great interest in the body and curative medicine. These are few because the ones who are most interested in curative magic lean toward the priesthoods, with its more direct rewards in this area. Such Odivshe, usually of good alignment, refer to themselves as white Odivshe. These poor unfortunates suffer the fate and exile imposed because of the second and larger group of Odivshe. Fortunately, the Peleahns and the Peonians allow certain trusted Odivshe of this group to join their ranks.

The greater number of Odivshe, the black Odivshe, follow the school because it gives them the power to affect and control large groups of mindless servants, usually for destructive purposes. Odivshe tend to hold grudges for incredibly long times. A large number of liches have had an extensive amount of necromancy training in life.

Odivshe prefer black robes (white Odivshe try to offset this by wearing white robes). Powerful Odivshe highlight black with silver, red or gold, but black is the most common color.

Odivshe hold grudges, as noted, against everyone (living creatures, paladins, other Odivshe, everyone). High on their list are Lyahvi and Fyvorians (whose spells they can't cast), priests (who turn their undead), and white Odivshe (who are too stupid to know what power they could have).

Most Odivshe are evil or tend toward evil (except white Odivshe). Their pragmatic actions tend to make them unpopular with their allies (animating the bodies of fallen comrades is considered tasteless by most characters of breeding) and their attitudes on life and death are certainly outside the normal bounds of society.

Odivshe get very seasick when crossing any waterway of more than 10 feet across (similar to vampires being vulnerable in running water) and suffer a -10 to spell checks and a -4 to hit and damage when suffering from the seasickness. No spell castable by Odivshe is able to counter this effect and it passes as soon as their feet are upon solid earth again.

Note: Not all Odivshe are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Odivshe Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Odivshe know and cast. Petition 179 covers Odivshe spells only in that non-evil spells that employ necromantic energies may legally be sole property of the other chantries. All sole necromancy spells are outlawed and considered evil. Proven practicing of such spells is punishable by death by the crown.

1st Level

Animate Dead AnimalsSpectral Ears/ALT
Chill TouchSpectral Eyes/ALT
Corpse Visage/ILLSpectral Voice/ALT
Corpselight/ALTSummon Undead/CON
Detect Undead/DIVThorn's Mind Death

2nd Level

Choke/SUMSkeletal Hands/EVO
Cloak UndeadSpeak With Dead/DIV
Death Recall/DIVSpectral Hand
Ghoul TouchUndead Mount

3rd Level

Bone Club/ENCPreserve
Bone KnitPsychic Drain
Charm Undead/ENCRevenance
Delay Death/ENCSkull Watch
Feign DeathSkulltrap/EVO
Ghastly HandsSpirit Armor
Hold UndeadUndead Control
Hovering SkullVampiric Touch

4th Level

BacklashLife Force Transfer
Beltyn's Burning BloodMask of Death
ContagionMummy Touch
Empath/ALTSpendelard's Chaser
EnervationVampire Mist

5th Level

Animate DeadMorgannaver's Sting
Crimson ScourgeNulathoe's Ninemen
Disguise Undead/ILLSummon Shadow/SUM
Fellblade/ABJ,EVOThrobbing Bones
Improved Skull WatchWall of Bones/CON
Magic Jar

6th Level

Animate Dead MonstersImbue Undead with Spell Ability
Animate Dread Warriors of TamLich Touch
Bloodstone's Spectral SteedTeleport Dead/ALT
Dead Man's EyesVampire Dagger
Death Spell

7th Level

Amorphous Blob/ALTNegative Plane Protection/ABJ
Bloodstone's Frightful JoiningRepel Undead/ABJ
Control UndeadSuffocate/ALT
Doom LegionThe Simbul's Synostodweomer/ALT
Finger of DeathTransmute Bones to Steel/ALT
Intensify Summoning/SUMZombie Double

8th Level

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting/ALTExchange/ALT
Bone Blade/ALT,EVOHomunculus Shield/EVO
Death LinkShadow Form
Death Spider/ALTUndead Servants/ALT

9th Level

Disruption/ALTMaster Undead
Energy Drain/EVORestoration
Immunity to Undeath/ABJ,ALTWail of the Banshee