The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Fyvorian

Fyvorian are shek p'var who specialize in both investing charms into items and controlling and influencing the thoughts of others. As a result, they tend to a class to be rather self-centered and vain. Just as everyone is a potential ally to the J'morvi, everyone is a potential worshipper to the Fyvorian.

Fyvorian are self-confident as a rule, in some cases to excess. Everything can be accomplished if you set your mind and body to it, or preferably someone else's mind and body. Like the J'morvi, Fyvorian are far less concerned about striking out on their own, because potential helpers are around every turn, with the casting of the proper spell.

Fyvorian tend to be gregarious among strangers, and in some extreme cases almost sleazy in their reactions with others. They accumulate magical devices that perform multiple functions. Most will not perform physical work if a spell will do the job faster or (especially) easier.

These shek p'var get along well with most other schools, though all are aware when a Fyvorian is trying to weasel into the good graces of others. The one school that they have a deep dislike for is the Odivshe. Since the Odivshe have control over one group that the Fyvorian can never influence, the undead. They are uneasy at best with the Odivshe.

Fyvorian dress well, usually according to the fashions of those around them. They prefer clothes of good fit and fine fabric, and tend to preen. Their good looks are a hallmark for the group and they wish to make the most of them. Given a choice, they would prefer to associate with other beautiful people, such as elves and paladins, though the latter often seem to be put off by the Fyvorian's manners.

When a bronze weapon is used against a Fyvorian, they receive +1 per die of damage (even if the total is above the maximum damage dealt by the weapon). It is the one thing that can make a Fyvorian actually loose their cool tongue and turn pale.

Fyvorians are very loose in who they allow membership to their chantries. Usually, anyone who can prove they knows an enchantment/charm spell is in, but it is not unheard of for someone with a high charisma to be given an honorary membership either.

Note: Not all Fyvorians are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Fyvorian Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only a Fyvorian may legally know and cast. New spells created in the enchantment/charm arena become providence of the Fyvorian by Petition 179. Also, spells that also belong to other shek p'vars cannot be closed, the only exception to this is Odivshe spells (because their chantries are outlawed).

1st Level

BalanceMental Block
Charm PersonOdeen's Magic Tailor/ALT
Diving RodSleep
HypnotismTenser's Steady Aim

2nd Level

Agra's Ambush/SUMInsatiable Thirst
Bigby's Silencing Hand/EVOOtto's Soothing Vibrations
BindOtto's Tones of Forgetfulness
Deeppockets/ALTRay of Enfeeblement
Familiar Enhancer I/ALTScare
ForgetTasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
Ghost PipesTenser's Brawl

3rd Level

Bone Club/NECOtto's Sure-Footed Shuffle/ALT
Charm Undead/NECSerrel's Minor Enchantment
Delay Death/NECSuggestion
Dire CharmTasirin's Haunted Sleep
Familiar Enhancer II/ALTTenser's Deadly Strike
Hold PersonWatery Double/SUM
Minor MalisonWaves of Weariness
Otto's Crystal Rhythms

4th Level

Charm MonsterOdeen's Impenetrable Lock/ALT
ConfusionOtto's Drums of Despair
EmotionOtto's Silver Tongue
Enchanted WeaponOtto's Tonal Attack
Familiar Enhancer III/ALTOtto's Warding Tones
Greater MalisonRary's Memory Alteration
Leomund's Secure Shelter/ALTTenser's Master of Arms
Magic Mirror/DIV

5th Level

AnesthesiaHold Monster
ChaosLeomund's Lamentable Belaborment/EVO
DominationMagic Staff
Drawmij's Flying Feat/ALTMind Fog
Fabricate/ALTOtto's Gong of Isolation/ALT
Familiar Enhancer IV/ALTSerrel's Major Enchantment
FeeblemindTenser's Primal Fury

6th Level

Blackmantle/NECGuards and Wards/EVO,ALT
Create Minor HelmIndefinitecy/SUM
Enchant an Item/INVMass Suggestion
Eyebite/ILLPsychic Reversal
Familiar Enhancer V/ALTSeizure/PHM

7th Level

Charm PlantsHatch the Stone from the Egg/ALT,EVO
Create Major HelmShadow Walk/ILL
Familiar Enhancer VI/ALTSteal Enchantment

8th Level

Antipathy-SympathyFamiliar Enhancer VII/ALT
Binding/EVOMass Charm
Block Advancement/ABJOtto's Irresistible Dance
Create Tree of Life/ALT

9th Level

Familiar Enhancer VIII/ALTTymessul's Cerulean Traverse/ALT
Mordenkainen's Disjunction/ALTTymessul's Planar Pacifier/ALT
Mylsibis' Arcane Contention/EVO,ILL,PHMVirus Charm