The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Peleahn

Peleahn are shek p'var who specialize in protection (abjuration) spells and as a result tend to think defensively. The teachings in abjuration magic set forth the idea that the world is a dangerous place and a wizard needs all the help he can get just to stay alive. Peleahns tend toward devices that provide protection while still allowing spellcasting (such as broach of shielding and bracers of defense).

Peleahns are also easily recognizable by the large groups of well armed servitors, guards, the number of mechanical and magical traps, and the warning devices in their quarters. Peleahns are viewed as cowardly by other groups, but consider themselves sensible, solid, and cautious.

Peleahns are subsidized by the New Melderyni royalty. The crown has decided to re-invest it's expendetures in defenses. The New Melderyn Defense Forces already puts a great deal of its money into magical attacks in case of attack, but they hold a greater rein on the Peleahns inner workings. The Tazmut still hold a grudge with them for taking their place as the favored shek p'var.

They prefer robes of white which identifies them as "royal protectors" of which the "Gentle Order of the White Hand" is the most prominent. They follow local styles, so they will look like common people.

Peleahns have good relations with most other shek p'var, save for Tazmut, who view abjuration as a cowardly art of a backstabbing shek p'var. Though Peleahns and Lyahvi are of opposing shek p'var, the two groups get along surprisingly well.

A visible article of white clothing must be worn by all Peleahns for their spells to be fully effective. If no white is worn, the level of effect for their spells is two levels lower (to a minimum of second level effect, thus only fourth level Peleahns and above are affected).

Note: Not all Peleahns are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Peleahn Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Peleahn may legally know and cast. New spells created in the abjuration school become providence of the Peleahn and consequently the crown by Petition 179. Also, spells that also belong to other shek p'vars cannot be closed, the only exception to this is Odivshe spells (because their chantries are outlawed).

1st Level

Alarm/EVOProtection from Evil
Deny ColdProtection from Hunger & Thirst
Melf's Protection from Avians

2nd Level

Dark Mirror/ALTProtection from Poison
Deny FireProtection from Specific Lycanthropes, 10' Radius
FilterResist Energy Drain
Protection from Plants, 10' Radius

3rd Level

Dispel Magic Protection from Electricity, 10' Radius
Dispel SilenceProtection from Evil, 10' Radius
Hold VaporProtection from Illusions
Invisible Mail/EVOProtection from Normal Missiles
Iron MindProtection from Normal Weapons
Mordenkainen's Defense Against LycanthropesProtection from Paralyzation
Mordenkainen's Defense Against Nonmagical Reptiles and AmphibiansProtection from Specific Elementals, 10' Radius
Mordenkainen's Protection fromInsects and ArachnidsProtection from Specific Undead, 5' Radius
Non-DetectionProtection from Water
Proof from TeleportationWard Against Undead
Protection from All Lycanthropes, 10' Radius

4th Level

Drawmij's Protection from Nonmagical GasProtection from Cold, 15' Radius
Fire Aura/INVProtection from Fire, 15'Radius
Fire Trap/INVProtection from Gases, 5'Radius
Halo of Eyes/CONProtection from Magical Weapons
Ilyykur's MantleProtection from Mechanical Traps
Minor Globe of InvulnerabilityProtection from Petrification, 10' Radius
Minor Spell TurningProtection from Possession, 10' Radius
Mordenkainen's Protection from SlimeProtection from Shape-changers, 10' Radius
Otiluke's Dispelling Screen/EVORemove Curse
Protection from All Elementals, 10' RadiusTurn Magic
Protection from All Undead, 5' RadiusTransport Lockout
Protection from Breath Weapons

5th Level

Avoidance/ALTProtection from Acid
DismissalProtection from Magical Traps, 5' Radius
Fellblade/EVO,NECRary's Mind Shield
Lower Resistance/ALTSpell Immunity
Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum/ALTVon Gasik's Refusal

6th Level

Anti-Magic ShellProtection from Magic, 5' Radius
Disable Helm/ALTRary's Protection from Scrying/DIV
Dragon ScalesRepulsion
Globe of InvulnerabilityTenser's Fortunes of War
Protection from Any Traps, 5' RadiusTurnshadow

7th Level

Khelben's Warding WhipSpell Turning
Negative Plane Protection/NECSpelltrap/ALT
Repel Undead/NEC

8th Level

Block Advancement/CHMSerten's Spell Immunity
Fear WardSpell Engine/ALT
Mind Blank

9th Level

Conquer Self/ALTImprisonment
Elemental Aura/INVPrismatic Sphere/CON,SUM
Immunity to Undeath/ALT,NECSpell Invulnerability