The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Tazmut

Tazmut are Shek P'var who specialize in alteration magicks, that is they take what already exists and change it into something more desired. This pretty well sums up the mind set of most Tazmut. As a class, they are tinkerers and experimenters, always seeking new ideas, and new horizons.

Tazmut tend to dress comfortably without frills or pretense. They prefer robes over the local styles since robes are a recognized sign of wizardhood and Tazmut generally have no fear of letting others know where they stand. They are social animals, willing to spend a few hours kicking back some brew and swapping lies and information about one spell or another. As a result, most alteration spells are the result of diverse hands as one individual contributes one piece, then a second another, until the whole is made up.

Tazmut tend to travel, visiting new lands, and picking up new ideas. As a result they may have an item of clothing that doesn't seem to fit in with everything else. This is usually a keepsake, but is often times magical in nature, particularly at higher levels.

Tazmut as a class tend to like their brother mages, but have a rivalry with Peleahns. Until recently, the Tazmut were the "favorite sons" of the Crown and much of the royal treasuries were spent for their magical research (thus the large number of spells), but when they repeatedly failed to adequately perform tasks that were asked of them by the King, he turned his shoulder on them. No animosity is felt toward the Crown, but a little jealousy can be sensed between the Tazmut and the Peleahns.

Tazmut are unable to speak the words "gold" or "lead" aloud. Furthermore, no spells cast by Tazmut can affect either material. Alteration spells cast by non-Tazmut function normally.

Note: Not all Tazmut are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Tazmut Spells

Note Tazmut have opted to not participate in Petition 179. They have attempted to keep their chantries populated to keep the much needed funds dlowing in.

1st Level

Affect Normal FiresJump
Aura FireLasting Breath
Burning HandsLight
Chromatic Orb/INVMessage
Color SprayMetamorphose Liquids
Comprehend LanguagesMurdock's Feathery Flyer
Drawmij's Beast of BurdenNystul's Dancing Werelight
Drawmij's Light StepOdeen's Magic Tailor/ENC
EnlargeOtto's Chime of Release
Feather FallShocking Grasp
Fire Burst/INVSpider Climb
Fist of StoneSpidereyes
Gaze ReflectionTenser's Eye of the Tiger
Hold PortalWizard Mark

2nd Level

Alter SelfLevitate
BladethirstMagic Mouth
Borac's Component PreserverMaximilian's Earthen Grasp
Borac's OrientationMordenkainen's Encompassing Vision
Cloak from UndeadPyrotechnics
Continual LightRary's Aptitude Appropriator/DIV
Darkness, 15' RadiusRide the Wind
Deeppockets/ENCRope Trick
Drawmij's Breath of LifeSense Shifting
Drawmij's Swift MountShatter
Familiar Enhancer I/ENCStrength
Fog CloudTenser's Hunting Hawk
Fool's Gold/ILLVocalize
IrritationWhispering Wind/PHM
KnockWizard Lock

3rd Level

BlacklightLeomund's Tiny Hut
BlinkMaximilian's Stony Grasp
Chill FireMelf's Minute Meteors/INV
Dark WingsMellix's Fire Mouth/INV
DarksenseMinor Stone Touch
DeludeNchaser's Glowing Cube
Drawmij's Iron SackOdeen's Secret Word
Enchanted TorchOtto's Sure-Footed Shuffle
Enhance RatingRemove Smell/ILL
Explosive RunesSecret Page
Familiar Enhancer II/ENCSlow
Far Reaching ISnapping Teeth/CON
Fire GateSquaring the Circle
Fleet FeetTenser's Eye of the Eagle
Gust of WindWater Breathing
Hand of DarknessWind Wall/ALT

4th Level

Dilation IPolymorph Self
Dimension DoorPsionic Dampener
Drawmij's Instant Exit/CONRainbow Pattern/ILL
Extension IRary's Mnemonic Enhancer
Familiar Enhancer III/ENCRary's Spell Enhancer
Far Reaching IIRaze
Fire Shield/INVSinuous Horrors
Laeral's Aqueous Column/INVSolid Fog
Leomund's Secure Shelter/ENCStoneskin
Missile MasteryTenser's Staff of Smiting
Mordenkainen's Celerity/INVTenser's Flaming Blade
Odeen's Impenetrable Lock/ENCTenser's Giant Strength
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere/EVOTenser's Running Warrior
Otto's Tin SoldiersTransmute Sand to Stone
Phase TrapTulrun's Tracer/DIV
Plant GrowthTurn Pebble to Boulder
Polymorph OtherWizard Eye

5th Level

Airy WaterLeomund's Secret Chest/CON
Animal GrowthNystuls' Enveloping Darkness
Bowgentle's Fleeting JourneyOtto's Gong of Isolation/ENC
Create PortalPasswall
Distance DistortionRary's Superior Spell Enhancer
Drawmij's Flying Feat/ENCRary's Telepathic Bond/DIV
Enhance ManeuverabilityRejuvenate
Extension IISecure
Fabricate/ENCStone Shape
Familiar Enhancer IV/ENCTelekinesis
Far Reaching IIITeleport
FlyfieldTransmute Rock to Mud
Jhanifer's Deliquescence

6th Level

Accelerate MetabolismGuards and Wards/EVO,ENC
Alvira's Stasis ShellLower Water
Claws of the Umber HulkMirage Arcana/ILL,PHM
Control WeatherMordenkainen's Lubrication
Control WindsMove Earth
Death Fog/EVOOtiluke's Freezing Sphere/INV
Dilation IIPart Water
DisintegrateProject Image/ILL
Drawmij's Beneficient PolymorphRary's Urgent Utterance
Drawmij's Merciful MetamorphosisReconstruction
Extension IIIStone to Flesh
Familiar Enhancer V/ENCTenser's Transformation/EVO
GraftTransmute Water to Dust

7th Level

Bone Javelin/EVOOtiluke's Death Screen/EVO
Chromatic BladePhase Door
Duo-DimensionReverse Gravity
Familiar Enhancer VI/ENCRuby Ray of Reversal
Hatch the Stone from the Egg/ENC,EVOStatue
Incendiary EntrapmentTeleport without Error
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion/CONVanish
Mordenkainen's Penultimate Cogitation

8th Level

Change FormIncendiary Cloud/INV
Collapse PortalOtiluke's Telekinetic Sphere/EVO
Create AtmospherePermanency
Create Tree of Life/ENCPolymorph Any Object
Destroy Minor HelmSink/ENC
Familiar Enhancer VII/ENC

9th Level

Destroy Major HelmSuccor/ENC
Disruption/NECTemporal Stasis
Estate TransferenceTime Stop
Familiar Enhancer VIII/ENCTymessul's Cerulean Traverse/ENC
Glorious TransmutationTymessul's Planar Pacifier/ENC
Mordenkainen's Disjunction/ENCWorldwalk
Shape Change