The Feägurthian Shek P'var

The Jenzig

Jenzig are shek p'var who specialize in invocation and evocation magicks. In Hârn, invocation is that power which is derived from the natural elements (air, earth, fire, & water) while evocation is that undefinable force of magic. Jenzig effectively get something for nothing by transforming magical energies into immediate effects. This trait follows through into their profession as a whole. They tend to be mercantile, greedy, acquisitive, and always looking for the easiest way to accomplish a task.

They are as self-confident as the Fyvorians, and more willing to let it be known. Their main stock in trade are destructive spells such as magic missile, fireball, and lightning bolt, and most have no qualms about using them. Indeed, they have taken this one step further. They have been granted a petition (Petition 179) from Virana Tovin (the New Melderyni Master of the Esoteric Arts) to allow each school to determine which of their spells are to be open (accessible to any) and which are to be closed (accessibile to only those within the school). Some chantries circumvent this, by allowing shek p'var to belong to multiple chantries. Not only do Jenzig not allow this, but they prosecute to the letter of the law (which is normally death). To further ensure this policy is enforced, all Jenzig encode their spellbooks against theft. In short, Jenzig have cornered the market on invocation/evocation spells. Another mage can research a Jenzig spell, but all reference materials to such spells have (under the same law) been since moved to Jenzig cantries.

They are smart enough to invest in sufficient protective devices for themselves (rings of fire protection are common among the flame-flinging set) but often do not consider their unprotected brethren when casting spells.

Jenzig like bright solid colors like reds, yellows, whites, and blues. The tenants of their society dictates that they wear the emblasson of the Jenzig clearly visible on their clothing. Even were this not the case, only the truely blind cannot see them for what they are. They enjoy jewelry and rings but not to the extremes of J'morvi or Fyvorians. They will often (though not always) carry a dagger or staff, which may or may not be magical.

Jenzig have a good relationship with other shek p'var- actually, Jenzig don't really worry about other schools of thought. Other shek p'var's spells are pretty interesting, in particular, the conjuration and enchantment spells that they cannot use. But nothing matches the sheer energy and power of a lightning bolt, so why be jealous.

The school of invocation/evocation attracts the most serious-minded, intense, and determined shek p'var. Most are single-mindedly determined to the mastery of their craft. Jenzig of good alignment devote themselves to using their skills to promote goodness and eliminate evil, willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary. For evil-aligned Jenzig, the magic of invocation is the key to their ascendancy; to them, good is weakness and evil is strength. Because shek p'var of this school are men and women of philosophies, evil Jenzig are rare, but tend to sell their services to the highest bidder more often than not. Jenzig are less likely to be found removed from large cities (and consequently money).

Depending upon the number of Jenzig, a group of Jenzig may be called a spark, ember, or flame. A hyped or highly specialized Jenzig may be referred to as a "Pyro".

All Jenzig must use a special consecrated ceremonial dagger (an athame) in order to cast their spells (without the dagger all spell casting is hindered). If lost, the ceremony to replace the dagger takes 12 hours and a new dagger of at least 100d (that must never have spilled blood prior to the ceremony). All spell casting without the athame causes spell checks to be at -8 on the die.

Note: Not all Jenzig are spellcasters. Sages, librarians, contributors, honorary members, scribes, as well as others may hold titles. There is no Virana of this shek p'var and several Shenava. Only spellcasters suffer the side effects.

Jenzig Spells

Note spells listed in BOLD type are closed spells, which only Jenzig may legally know and cast. New spells created in the invocation/evocation arena become providence of the Jenzig by Petition 179 (explained above). Also, spells that also belong to other shek p'vars cannot be closed, the only exception to this is Odivshe spells (because their chantries are outlawed).

1st Level

Alarm/ABJMove Sand
Bigby's Bookworm BaneNystul's Flash
Bigby's Feeling FingersOtiluke's Smoky Sphere
Chromatic Orb/ALTSand Jambiya
Consecrate AthameShield
Fire Burst/ALTSnilloc's Snowball
FlareTenser's Floating Disc
Gemidan's IcicleTrembling Horn/ILL
Lightning BugWall of Fog
Magic Missile

2nd Level

Agannazar's ScorcherIce Knife
Battering RamNet
Bigby's Dexterous DigitsNystul's Blackmote
Bigby's Silencing Hand/ENCNystul's Blazing Beam
Blastbones/NECNystul's Crystal Dagger/CON
CircleOtiluke's Boiling Oil
DecastaveShark Bolt
Drawmij's Adventurer's LuckSkeletal Hands/NEC
Dust CurtainSkyhook
Flame DaggerSnilloc's Snowball Swarm
Flaming SphereStairway
FlashStinking Cloud
Flying FistSundazzle
Gemidan's Paralytic Missile/NEC

3rd Level

Augmentation INystul's Crystal Dirk/CON
Bigby's Pugnacious PugilistNystul's Expeditious Fire Extinguisher
Charnox's Charged Particle NetNystul's Radiant Baton/SUM
Charnox's Flaming Force Bridge EngineerOtiluke's Acid Cloud
Drawmij's Marvelous ShieldOtiluke's Force Umbrella
FireballSand Sword
Hissing SandSkulltrap/NEC
Invisible Mail/ABJSteam Blast
Lightning BoltSunscorch
Melf's Minute Meteors/ALTWhip of Pain
Mellix's Fire Mouth/ALT

4th Level

Bigby's Battering GauntletOtiluke's Dispelling Screen/ABJ
Bigby's Construction CrewOtiluke's Resilient Sphere/ALT
Bigby's Force SculptureOtiluke's Steaming Sphere
Divination EnhancementShatterhull
Fire Aura/ABJShout
Fire Shield/ALTSpark Burst
Fire Trap/ABJSpectral Wings
Geirdorn's Grappling GraspSunfire
Ice StormThunder Staff
Khelben's Magic MissileThunderlance
Laeral's Aqueous Column/ALTWall of Fire
Mordenkainen's Celerity/ALTWall of Ice
Mordenkainen's Electric ArcWatchware
Nystul's Blacklight BurstWind Breath
Nystul's Lightburst

5th Level

Bigby's Fantastic FencersMove Dune
Bigby's Interposing HandOtiluke's Electrical Screen
Bigby's Strangling GripOtiluke's Polar Screen
Bigby's Superior Force SculptureOtiluke's Radiant Screen
CloudkillPresper's Moonbow
Cone of ColdSending
Death SmokeShield of Winds
Desecrate AthameShipshock
Desert FistShroud of Flame
Dream/ILL,PHMSnilloc's Major Missile
Fallion's Fabulous FireballStone Drill
Fellblade/ABJ,NECWall of Force
Leomund's Lamentable Belaborment/CHMWater Blast

6th Level

Augmentation IIOtiluke's Diamond Screen
Bigby's Besieging BoltOtiluke's Excruciating Screen
Bigby's Forceful HandOtiluke's Freezing Sphere/ALT
Blade of DoomOtiluke's Orb of Containment
Chain LightningPrismatic Eye/SUM
Command Water SpiritsSand Shroud
ContingencySerrel's Confining Sphere/SUM
Death FogShadow Guantlet/ILL,PHM
Enchant an Item/ENCSummon Wind Dragons
Guards and Wards/ALT,ENCTenser's Transformation/ALT

7th Level

Acid StormLimited Wish/SUM
Bigby's Grasping HandMalec-Keth's Flame Fist
Bone Javelin/ALTMordenkainen's Sword
Create Soundstaff/ENCOtiluke's Death Screen/ALT
Delayed Blast FireballOtiluke's Fire and Ice
Flame ChaseOtiluke's Siege Sphere
ForcecageSpectral Guard
Hatch the Stone from the Egg/ALT,ENCSun Stone
Khelben's Warding Whip/ABJ

8th Level

AirballGreat Shout
Avissar's Flaming WeaponFire Storm
Bigby's Clenched FistGunther's Kaleidoscopic Strike
Bigby's Most Excellent Force SculptureHomunculus Shield/NEC
Binding/ENCIncendiary Cloud/ALT
Blackstaff/ALTOtiluke's Telekinetic Sphere/ALT
Bone Blade/ALT,NECRiver of Sand

9th Level

Astral SpellElminister's Evasion
Bigby's Crushing HandEnergy Drain/NEC
Black Blade of Disaster/CONHellfire
Chain ContingencyMeteor Swarm
Conflagration/NECMylsibis' Arcane Contention/ENC,ILL,PHM
Elemental Aura/ABJWindwar