Feägurthian Links to Reality

If you want to know more about the Hârn System, check out these links:

Caer Pharilin
The Dalkesh Regional Module
Eric Anderson's Home Page (Harn List Member)
The Gargun Page
Harn Character Database
The Harnic Inns Page
The widg Page

There is more information here than anyone (except a Savoryan) would want to know HârnPage (old) or HârnPage (new)
Harn Religion Team Address
HarnWorld Page, complete with dead links to other, vanished sites.
Leif's Harn Alternate Religions page (triad)
A little "bar" room where strange beings can hangout.
The Harn corner in said room with strange tales of beasts and men.

If Hârn isn't your style, but you still enjoy role-playing Woodelf's RPG Index is a must.