Welcome to the Village of Beloy

The little village seems to be virtually assured prosperity, being located at the intersection [C3-4] of Tychuss and Biridizime. The inns and taverns are very plentiful here, nearly as much so as either Tychuss or Biridizime.

This small village has the unique distinction of being run by a chamber of commerse instead of nobility. They pay their taxes, just as any other city does, but this village seemed to spring up over-night and was no noble was ever given charge of it. On a whole things run very smoothly here and theft is considered just about the worst crime imaginable. This being the case, one would think that the lia-kavair would not exist, but it is rumored to be very very strong here.

The town of Beloy covers an area of approximately 120 acres, with a total population of 7306 people.

Bakers12Chandlers16Hay Merchants3Pastrycooks11Tailors38
Barbers 26Chicken Butchers5Illuminators1Plasterers 5Tanners3
Bathers 2Coopers 15Inns 4Pursemakers 6Taverns11
Beer-sellers 7Copyists 5Jewelers 23Roofers 3Watercarriers11
Blacksmiths 3Cutlers 5Locksmiths 5Ropemakers 1Weavers16
Bleachers 2Doctors 2Magic Shops 2Rugmakers 5Wine-sellers6
Bookbinders 3Fishmongers 8Maidservants38Saddlers 7Woodcarvers3
Booksellers 1Furriers 22Masons 23Scabbardmakers 9Woodsellers4
Buckle Makers2Glovemakers 2Mercers 8Sculptors 5
Butchers 4Harness-makers 4Old Clothes 11Shoemakers 22
Carpenters 13Hatmakers 4Painters 5Spice Merchants8

Other: The town has 58 noble (chamber of commerce) houses. The peace is kept by 45 guardsmen, and there are 10 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 92 clergymen and 9 priests.