Welcome to the frontier City of Tychuss
as last visited by Thorolf Redbeard in 1073 SA

Tychuss [D3-D4] is large and thriving frontier port city near zun held territories. Much of its port traffic comes from commerce from Cherifar, Shezar, and Biridizine. Tychuss does not have any chief imports or exports. One would say that it is primarily a consumer (or consuming) city. They take some of anything and everything, and preferably in mass quantities. Merchants are just beginning to truly capitalize on the "new-found" Tychuss market. The merchants are finding that marketing works surprisingly well on a segment of people who have not had access to anything truly new to the region in several decades.

Of the five fortified cities on the plateau, only Cherifar (and possibly Shezar) is larger. Both Shezar and Tychuss both have the New Melderyni public disarming law currently suspended. This law simply states that all weapons (that meet a certain specific criteria) brought into a kingdom city, must be checked at the gate and a receipt issued to its owner. This law was enacted to reduce the amount of civil violence. Many citizens now feel that this law is an outdated and should be repealed. Tychuss's proximity to the eastern wilds has provided the Dukes of the frontier cities the justification to officially disregard the law where they lack the power to actually repeal it. This makes for some wild and wooly street situations at times, but still nowhere on the scale that had originally necessitated the disarming. The local city guards, conscripted Larani peacekeepers, and commissioned Shek P'var further keep all but the most determined and short tempered adjutants in line.

The city has not encountered any serious humanoid threats in the last few decades, so security is not always at the level one might normally expect. Businesses are booming and growing within the walls at a remarkable pace. The peace has tempted otherwise leery entrepreneurs to introduce the "high life" to these cities. The Savoryans have even begun to set up temples for the rich within recent years. These temples often contract would be adventurers to search out the eastern wilds and bring back information and Zun artifacts for a fee.

The citizens, on a whole, are unafraid the Zun threat because of the city contract with local Jenzig and J'morvi. These contracts bind any willing shek p'var to rush to the city walls and cast destructive spells upon the enemy in the event of attack. This policy is widely known, and though it has potential problems it gives the inhabitants a certain measure of inner peace.

Tychuss has a very wild nightlife, for both nobles and the common man. Unlike Shezar, Tychuss is trying to bring itself into the present and expose its people to culture. Many of the businesses like to say that they "are bringing a little bit of Cherifar to Tychuss". A true Cherifar born noble would most likely laugh at the miniscule efforts. Progress is sometimes slow, but at least the Duke of Tychuss is making the effort (through special tax breaks and privileges).

Many of the cities construction projects are still being performed by the Ze-Zun or "Once-Zun". Centuries ago the Ze-Zun were first changed as a humane alternative to killing captured Zun. The transformation changes violent orcs, goblins, humans, elves, etc into a non-violent asexual human with no memory of their prior life or race content to perform their assigned duties. They are no longer by law needed to be under guard or housed in a prison. Ze-Zun are normally housed, fed, and provided for as the militia would be. This transformation in never done to a non-Zun because it is tantamount to slavery which is illegal, but the theory (or fear) is that it could be (or has been).

The temperature here is typically mid seventies to high eighties with a slight breeze. The winters are very mild. Snowfall is unheard of, and temperatures rarely fall below freezing. The grand annual festivals are open to the whole city (or plateau) and both nobles and commoners freely mingle together like nowhere else in the nation. Queen Atrina rarely visits, so the celebrations tend to be larger and out of control. Jenzig put on impressive pyrotechnic displays, adventuring guilds sponsor various physical games of skill and chance, and roasted meats, wine, and pastries are in abundance.

Overall, Tychuss is an excellent place to live, a healthy mixture of prosperity, civilized culture, and old world charm, with a dash of excitement.

Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Jasmin [H])
Size:4 Quality:*** Prices:Average
This store specializes in gaudy and outlandish versions of standard adventuring items such as red leather armor, purple cloaks, mauve chainmail, etc. The more outlandish adventuring parties usually come here to be outfitted. They are typically parties with an several Jenzig and Lyahvi.

Dead Zun Hole (Norkthan [D])
Size:6 Quality:** Prices:Fair
This is a favorite inn for poor (or unsuccessful) adventuring parties.

The Dew Drop Inn (Chain Inn [varies])
Size:8 Quality:**** Prices:Fair
Because these inns are a chain, better than average quality level and low prices are achieved (even mostly maintained). This chain of inns is consistantly full, it will forward reservations throughout the chain for 50% down payment on total expected bill at the next stop. The rooms are *****, but the service and locations vary from ** to *** giving the overall rating of **** to the entire chain. The best inn is in Cherifar, the worst is in Shezar. Tychuss is **** on location, and service and rooms are *** due to the constant abuse of the furniture by too many adventurer parties.

Fier's Tap House (Fier [H])
Size:5 Quality:** Prices:Average
Fier is rumored to be a member of some standing in the lia-kavair, but he is quick to point out that that has never been proven.

Iggy's Inn (Iggy [H])
Size:6 Quality:**** Prices:High (for elven items)
It's rumored that in private room #5 a ghost appears on certain nights and in exchange for a chilling kiss, she will fortell the inhabitants future.

The Inn with No Name (Peonian Temple)
Size:10 Quality:* Prices:Fair
This inn is attached to a local Peonian temple and is managed by them. The fees for the night reflect how much a person can bear, being anywhere from 1d to 1C. Most people that stay here volunteer to fix the place up or care for the sick and wounded in exchange for room and board. This flop house is constantly in danger of falling into complete ruin, if it weren't for all the volunteer help.

Iron House Inn (Schmidt [H])
Size:4 Quality:*** Prices:High
This inn is rumored to be more secure than the queen's own treasury vault. For this reason it is the favorite place for people to stay that are fearful for their lives or of being robbed. Many a money caravan has stayed here and gone unmolested, later to be attacked on the road, hence the saying, "I wish we were back in the Iron House".

Joram's Dry Goods (Joram [Varies])
Size:10 Quality:*****+ Prices:Average - Extortion depending on the item
Joram's Dry Goods is one of the main chain stores found in larger cities on the plate, and almost anything can be found here for a price. All the managers respond to the name Joram, so only the Savoryans may truely know in which store the "real" Joram resides. Once contracted to aquire a non-unique item Joram's Dry Goods delivers, or will refund 150% contract price.

Madam Glidia's House (Madam Glidia [H])
Size:3 Quality:**** Prices:High
This is the only legalized brothel in Tychuss without any connections to any lia-kavair or Halean churches. Having such a distinction, means that Madam Glidia is constantly trying to upgrade her staff of ladies, and is very discreet with her clientelle. The ladies that work for Madam Glidia are usually more comely than most others in their profession. Madam Glidia herself is, by all standards, very attractive (CHR 18+), but no longer personally provides customer services (no matter what the offer).

Purple Plume Place (Rose [H])
Size:7 Quality:*** Prices:Extortion
This decadent inn has been rebuilt in stone from the original wooden structure that was burned down in a Jenzig bet. It is rumored that the bet was on who could kill an annoying fly the most spectacularly. It is the favorite place to stay for those with no taste and too much money, like Jenzig.

Rusty Bucket Tavern (Pagarn of Gorm [H])
Size:4 Quality:** Prices:Low
If someone called this establishment a "dive", the owners would consider it a compliment. The cheap beer and run down appearance keep the squeamish away, but the gamblers, drunks, and other low-lifes keep this place open.

The Shieldmaidens' Tavern (Dame Draya Kandirus of Orlion [1/2E])
Size:3 Quality:**** Prices:Average
The only unique thing about this tavern is the distinct lack of men. The clientele is solely for females, usually of the warrior variety. It is a nice place for the ladies to relax and have a drink unmolested by the surly frontier men around them.

Tramilor's Fine Stones (Tramilor and family [G])
Size:6 Quality:**** Prices:High
As the name of the store suggests, this store buys and sells fine raw and finished gemstones and does minor jewelry work. Tramilor and his family are some of the only gnomes found on the plateau and are under exclusive contract with the queen to craft her regalia of state. A warning to would be thieves, the security on this store is extremely difficult to crack. There are armed guards on duty here 24 hours a day, and the locks, windows and doors are all magically and psionically enhanced to thwart theft and vandalism.

The Whispering Wind Inn (Lady Lavender [H])
Size:5 Quality:*** Prices:Fair
This inn is light and airy, almost as if you were sleeping on clouds.

Size:1-101=smallest 10=largest
Quality:* to *****+ ("*" the worst) ("*****" the best)
("+" means they may manufacture (possess) special items (magic or psionic))
Prices:Fair-50% listed price
Average-50%-100% listed price
High-75%-150% listed price
Extortion-150%+ listed price