Welcome to the Village of Hulore

Hulore [E2] is a small quiet village in the upper eastern most area of civilized New Melderyn. This little village is probably most known for it's long time resident Withendail Moonshae, a well known bard. He has successfully immortalized the nefarious mayor of Hulore in several of his sonnets. The mayor would like to state for the record that all the accusations are false and that the well-loved bard was in truth a trouble-maker. We would like to let Withendail comment for himself, but he has since disappeared from the face of the plate. Coincidence? You decide.

The village of Hulore covers an area of approximately 8 acres, with a total population of 507 people.

Bakers1Chandlers1Hay Merchants0Pastrycooks1Tailors3
Barbers 1Chicken Butchers1Illuminators0Plasterers 1Tanners0
Bathers 0Coopers 1Inns 0Pursemakers 0Taverns1
Beer-sellers 0Copyists 0Jewelers 1Roofers 0Watercarriers1
Blacksmiths 0Cutlers 1Locksmiths 0Ropemakers 0Weavers1
Bleachers 1Doctors 0Magic Shops 0Rugmakers 0Wine-sellers1
Bookbinders 0Fishmongers 1Maidservants2Saddlers 0Woodcarvers0
Booksellers 0Furriers 1Masons 0Scabbardmakers 1Woodsellers1
Buckle Makers1Glovemakers 0Mercers 1Sculptors 0
Butchers 0Harness-makers 0Old Clothes 1Shoemakers 2
Carpenters 1Hatmakers 1Painters 0Spice Merchants0

Other: The village has 2 noble houses. The peace is kept by 5 guardsmen, and there are 1 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 7 clergymen and 0 priests.