Feägurthian Mythical Personas

Aglareb, Dagar A mythical good hero, renown for his chivalry, archery, and his enchanted sword, Red Ronin. He supposedly possessed the ability to grant wishes to those who pleased him. Savoryans theorize that (if he even existed) he might have been a powerful genie residing on (or banished to) kelestia.

Chalinadar, Auvarin
aka Raven
A warrior Satia K'tykas shek p'var known for his great leadership abilities and his great contributions to the chantry. He was the inspiration and mentor of the company that was given the "godsend weapon" Judgement. Stories of his surges are still being circulated today.

Isturu, Vaine A mythical being of pure evil and malice, thought to be a shapeshifter and a master of men's minds (often blamed for corrupting innocents). The stories abound but his agenda always unclear. The only constant throughout any tales is his single-minded determination to see events turn out his way, no matter the time that must pass.

Manelmacar, Rána A mysterious nomad who possesses a great ash staff that is capable of performing any number of miracles, though he does not claim any religious affilliation. His acts aid those in distress, but take care not to anger him. For it is said that he takes great delight in turning wicked souls into beautiful trees.

Moonshae, Withendale A merry rogue that stold gold from the bad, stold hearts of the women, and cheated at cards (though never accuse him of stealing his songs). Notorious for his big heart and keen eye for trouble. Plays his tunes at any tavern with a sweet ale and a sweet wench. His whereabouts are unknown and many point the finger to the Mayor of Hulore, but this could be merely fiction based on his run-ins with the law there.

Moire, Maerik Davrith A legendary shek p'var that existed(?) some 50 years ago and united several lone factions of Odivshe. Some argue that he is merely an image of the evils of necromancy used scare young children and keep them on the straight and narrow.

aka Wadsworth
Wadsworth (to his friends) received Judgement and delivered the holy sword to High Priestess of Larani at Cherifar. It was there that the god sent blade made it's wishes known and chose Shalifas to be it's bearer to further Laranis goals and deal justice to the vile zun hoards. Unfortunately, even an impressive item as this does not fully protect anyone. No one knows how or where he met his final demise, but the sword was later recovered by the Defenders of Teale.

aka "The Basilisk"
A ruthless underworld figure, with the "stoning" stare of a basilisk, that has a personal hand (eye?) in everything illegal on the plate.